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The SBI is looking to rebrand itself with a new logo, tagline and website redesign that will allow us to communicate our newly established brand in a way that better connects with the citizens of NC and other law enforcement agencies while building awareness among these key stakeholders. Ideally, the team that can assist with our very specific needs will be a one-stop shop operation that can offer each of these services nearly simultaneously or in succinct phases in a way that keeps the project moving forward without delay. As we seek to rebrand ourselves and increase awareness, it is imperative that the final messaging is clear, concise cohesive and reflective of the SBI’s mission and values.

SBI Mission: The SBI’s mission is to secure a more effective administration of the criminal laws of the state by investigating crimes, identifying and apprehending criminals, and preparing evidence for use in criminal courts. SBI Vision: Honesty, Integrity, Promise-Keeping, Fidelity, Justice, Caring for Others, Respect for Others, Responsible Citizenship, Pursuit of Excellence and Accountability We realize our website is oftentimes the first tool for individuals to engage with our brand. For this reason, our website needs to accurately and clearly convey our messaging while making the experience for users as seamless and intuitive as possible. In other words, we are looking for a branding team to help take our agency to the next level.


The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) is the lead state law enforcement agency in North Carolina with just under 500 sworn and non-sworn employees. Established in 1937, the SBI works to support the citizens of the state as well as other law enforcement agencies. We are often called upon by local police departments, sheriffs’ offices and district attorneys to assist with various types of investigations including officer involved shootings, in-custody deaths, homicide, drug and fire investigations, etc. In addition, the SBI has original jurisdiction in a number of areas including, but not limited to, human trafficking, child sexual abuse in day care centers, computer crimes against children, arson and narcotics investigations, election law violations, crimes involving state property and weapons of mass destruction.

Scope of Work:


• Develop a marketing and messaging approach that leads to the creation of a highly professional, impactful rebranding campaign including the implementation of a new logo, tagline and redesigned website that exemplifies the SBI’s core values.

• Develop a redesigned website for the SBI that further engages with the general public and other law enforcement agencies.

• Identify and document the list of business requirements for the new website design. This includes, but is not limited to, Information Architecture (IA), mobile accessibility, user experience design (usability), cross platform accessibility and governance.

• Position the SBI to have a new logo and tagline in place by October of 2021.

• Publishing a redesigned website approximately six months later.

5.2 TASKS/DELIVERABLES The contractor/vendor will be expected to complete the Scope of Work described below:

A. Assist the SBI and its Public Information Director in developing a comprehensive branding campaign to include a new logo, tagline and redesigned website:

1) Consult with representatives from SBI leadership and information technology division to provide at a minimum discovery of the agency’s products and services, key audiences and articulation of desired business goals for the purposes of implementing a new branding campaign (logo, tagline and website redesign).

2) Create and provide a minimum of five logo concepts and three tagline concepts for the SBI to review prior to making any edits needed.

3) Review and analyze the agency’s current website and branding/marketing infrastructure to include a thorough content inventory and analysis of the website as well as other content published online by the SBI.

4) Integrate a user-friendly website design that works with the SBI’s current website platform/capabilities using Kentico. Kentico CMS is a web content management system. Kentico uses ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL. The SBI will provide access to a server preloaded with Kentico and a SQL database.

5) Manage content development and develop a communications format to include a new branding campaign that will work with the Kentico platform.

B. Formulate and implement a comprehensive plan redesigning the agency’s primary web presence at that includes:

1) Review and evaluate existing site(s) analytic data to support the redevelopment of the agency’s web presence at

2) Compile and document features and functions of the site that are currently in use; assess performance and audience perceptions of these functions and compile, document and prioritize potential feature enhancements or new functionality.

3) Create a graphics theme for the redesigned website to enhance look and feel of the si

4) Provide consultation and leadership to support the agency throughout the planning and design phase of the web redesign project.

5) Set SBI up for independence in weeks following completion and implementation of the redesign project.

6) Develop a project charter document for the new logo, tagline and web redesign project.

7) Develop and execute a plan to capture and document internal stakeholders’ perceptions regarding the current website and the desired vision and functionality for the future site.

8) Analyze and document content inventory of

9) Develop an Information Architecture (IA) for the website redesign.

10) Develop a content strategy plan for the website redesign.

11) Develop and document a content migration strategy and plan for the website redesign based on the new IA.

12) Develop a quality assurance and testing strategy for the redesigned website.

13) Develop and document a comprehensive statement of work for the execution and build, implementation, and closeout phases of the website redesign project.

14) Implement redesigned website based upon development plans and documentation identified above through a coordinated effort with the SBI Public Information Coordinator and IT section.

Due Date:

April 14, 2021 At 2:00 PM ET


Tim Pendergrass Procurement Specialist III Email: Phone: (919) 324-6471

Relevant agencies to consider includes Prosek Partners and Magrino PR.

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