Marketing RFP Issued By South Dakota Department of Agriculture

South Dakota
South Dakota

The South Dakota State Fair is seeking proposals for an experienced, qualified, and creative marketing and advertising agency who specializes in digital marketing, display ads, web design, graphic design, public relations, and audio/visual production to service the annual South Dakota State Fair and some off-season events in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024.


The South Dakota Department of Agriculture’s mission is to promote, protect and preserve South Dakota Agriculture for today and tomorrow. Agriculture is the life-blood of South Dakota. It is our state’s #1 industry, and for the farmers who work the land, agriculture is more than a job – it is a career, a passion and a way of life.South Dakota always has been and will continue to be an agricultural state. In the 19th century, homesteaders used a mule and a moldboard plow to break the thick prairie sod. Two hundred years later, their descendants work the same land with no-till drills and combines equipped with Global Positioning Systems.

Although the tools have changes, agriculture remains the common thread linking the citizens, businesses and communities of our state. South Dakota’s agriculture industry contributes $32.5 billion, annually, to South Dakota’s economy. With more than 19 million acres of cropland and 23 million acres of pastureland, our farmers and ranchers are one of our economy’s key drivers.

Scope of Work:

The selected agency shall provide advertising, marketing, and public relation services for the State Fair, and select non-State Fair events, as requested and authorized by the State, including, but not limited to: 3.1 SD State Fair: The State’s advertising and marketing budget for the 2020 SD State Fair is $90,000 and is subject to change each year.

3.1.1 Advise and make recommendations to the State on matters pertaining to advertising, marketing, and public relations

3.1.2 Create a compelling advertising campaign that increases public awareness of and support for the SD State Fair

3.1.3 Work with the State in creating a new theme and logo for annual State Fair event

3.1.4 Conceive and design the State Fair’s annual printed materials, including but not limited to posters, event guide, and newspaper insert,

3.1.5 Conceive and produce text, printed, audio, video, and digital materials

3.1.6 Media buying services for the purchase of time or space in media outlets for the placement of advertising including, but not limited to, pre-buy analysis, planning, negotiating best rates and placements, tracking and post-buy analysis

3.1.7 Provide recommendations and assistance to the State in the maintenance, look, and content of the State Fair website,

3.1.8 Integrate content with search engine optimization and social media marketing

3.1.9 Assist the State with sponsorship solicitation as requested

3.1.10 Assist the State with development of a State Fair media guide/kit

3.1.11 Meet with key media representatives

3.1.12 Draft press releases as needed

3.1.13 Assist the State in scheduling media interviews with television and radio

3.1.14 Provide on-grounds presence during the entire duration of the State Fair, beginning preview day, to manage and operate the Media Center and VIP Lounge.

3.1.15 Provide on-grounds assistance during the entire duration of the State Fair, beginning preview day, to assist with special events when needed including, but not limited to, emceeing, judging, or filling in where needed.

3.1.16 Assist with other marketing, advertising, and public relations duties

3.1.17 The Contractor will submit materials for the IAFE Agricultural Awards, Competitive Events and Communications Contests for each fair by the specified deadlines. Contest guidelines will be provided by the State as made available from the IAFE.

Due Date:

December 16, 2019



DUE JANUARY 15, 2020



HURON, SD 57350

Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Alison Brod PR.

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