Maryland’s Department of Commerce, Division of Tourism and Film (OTD)



Maryland’s Department of Commerce, Division of Tourism and Film (OTD) is seeking a media monitoring service that will capture published stories related to travel to Maryland for leisure travel, recreational pursuits, and participation in special events. Additionally, OTD seeks to capture articles produced that mention the business of tourism and of film making, as promoted via the activities of the Division’s units as detailed below. These media monitoring services are for printed articles only.

Scope of Work

Monitoring and Evaluation Service of Printed Articles 

1. Clip all articles from U.S. and Canadian magazines, newspapers, and trade publications that: a. Appear in print only, no online postings b. Mention the business of tourism, film, and the arts in Maryland c. Feature travel to any destination within Maryland d. Mention film projects in Maryland e. Feature cultural activity in Maryland in conjunction with travel

2. All articles must be assigned an advertising value and publication circulation for purposes of determining return on investment (ROI)

3. Monthly reporting and analysis capabilities.

4. Vendor software must feature: i. Storage and viewing of clips for a minimum of one year. ii. Listing of clips: Must include article title, media source type, date of publication, ad value, circulation, and media source location (city, state). iii. Software tools must allow for easy compiling and exporting of all clip information mentioned above in (ii) onto compatible MS Excel spreadsheets. iv. Vendor must be able to share data with OTD’s current third-party vendor for online and broadcast clips, Critical Mention

5. Monthly report summary which may be delivered via website software or sent electronically. Reports must include listing which includes media source, article title, date of publication and ad value. (Information must be available and will be used for accounting and auditing purposes.)

6. Vendor may send tear sheets of the original article or provide a scanned copy of the originally published piece.

Search Capabilities 

1. Specific keyword searches shall be provided upon award of contract and will number in the hundreds; they generally include the following key words, phrases or ideas as they relate to tourism and film in Maryland:

a. References to the Maryland Office of Tourism, Maryland Office of Tourism Development, and Maryland Film Office

b. Travel references to towns and cities within Maryland

c. Maryland’s 23 counties plus Baltimore City and Ocean City

d. Maryland’s five regions, including Western Maryland, Southern Maryland, Central Maryland, Capital Region, and Eastern Shore

e. Towns/regional destination encompassing more than one postal code or town: Deep Creek Lake, Kent Narrows, Susquehanna Flats, Smith Island, C&O Canal, Chesapeake Bay, National Harbor

f. Maryland’s 26 local tourism offices

g. Maryland-produced map/guide products

h. Recreational/outdoor activities in Maryland including, but not limited to, paddle sports, fishing & boating, hiking, biking, trails, bird watching, nature observing, camping & cabins, hunting & shooting sports, and State & national parks 

i. CRUSA (Capital Region USA, a partnership between Maryland, DC, and Virginia)

j. The business and industry of tourism – economic impacts and effects

k. Museums

l. Attractions 

m. Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, inns, resorts

n. Campgrounds

o. Restaurants

p. BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport

q. Maryland Welcome and Visitor Center

r. Executive staff and public relations contacts quoted or referenced

Clips shall not include the following:

a. Mere mentions of Maryland that are not related to tourism, film, and the arts.

b. Calendar or movie listings dates from daily and trade publications

c. Conference listings from trade publications

d. Non-staff appointments to local committees, associations, or organizations (i.e., John Smith was appointed to the board of the of the local museum, or art council or producers club)

e. Day trips sponsored by such small organizations as libraries, church groups, historical societies, and the like

f. Mere mentions of Maryland in stories about restaurant or hotel chains

g. Mere mentions of hotels or sites in conjunction with meetings, seminars, or conventions they are hosting

h. Mere mentions of Maryland as a convention destination

i. Advertisements/advertorials Qualifications and References

1. Company must have a minimum of three years of experience.

2. Three references are required; at least one must be in the tourism industry.


1. On-line or telephone training must be available.

2. Help desk capabilities must be available.

3. For online monitoring and maintenance, multiple users must have access.

4. The terms of this contract are valid for 18 months following award of contract.

5. Terms of contract cannot be changed during the contract period

Closing Date

Monday, December 13, 2021 by 2:00 p.m


Maryland Department of Commerce World Trade Center, 401 E. Pratt Street, 10TH Floor (Mailroom) Baltimore, MD 21202 Attention: Rachel Cruse, Procurement Officer

Relevant agencies for this assignment include Dukas Linden and Coyne PR.

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