Mastercard Marketer Joins Edge Marketing


Group Edge, one of the largest CRM marketing agencies in all Southeast Asia, has been joined by veteran Natalie Lockwood. Lockwood, formerly of MasterCard, will be VP of Business Development according to the news.

The news of Lockwood’s appointment comes on the heels of several other key additions including the appointments of; Dr. Amitava Biswas, the former McKinsey consultant, as Group Edge Director of Strategy & Optimization; Phan Thi Hong Le who has joined from BBDO and AC Nielsen as Director of Loyalty Programs; Jeff Cooper as Chief Data Architect and Vo Minh Trung who has been to promoted to Optimization Manager after having managed the Group’s IT infrastructure.

Group Edge Chairman Patrick Pitcher has this to say about Lockwood’s new role:

“We couldn’t be more pleased to recruit a talent of Natalie’s caliber to our organization. And the timing of her appointment couldn’t be better. Clients in Southeast Asia are demanding that agencies provide greater levels of sophistication to integrate Data, Digital and Direct Marketing capabilities. Natalie has spent the better part of her career doing exactly that. Edge has the capabilities, on-the-ground market understanding and client base to execute in this field. We look forward to her leadership as we continue to grow our company.”

Clearly Lockwood has a vast experience in this region, and in the industry. Aside Mastercard, Lockwood has held key positions with Westpac, CitiBank, HCF Australia Ltd, and others.  For more information on this and other Edge news, please refer to their Asia website, the original press release via PRWeb, or investigate their Facebook presence.

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