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Expert, experienced and knowledgeable is how Merriam-Webster defines Philadelphia-based Maven Agency. Maven has been successfully providing integrated services and counsel to companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 across the U.S. since 2006.


Maven’s services are all encompassing and include public relations, social media, content marketing, digital strategy, and crisis communications. They have experts for each of these areas who not only deliver sound and up-to-date advice but also pay personalized attention to clients daily.


Maven’s expertise reaches far into many industries. It includes culture and the arts, financial services, health and wellness, professional services, technology, nonprofits, and real estate and related services. Many clients are household names like Comcast, Berkshire Hathaway, Bank of America, Pennsylvania Ballet, and Walgreens.

Maven Agency Success

One of the reasons for Maven’s success is because they believe strongly in not only walking their clients through their strategies, but also in measuring their results. The latter is extremely valuable in tweaking plans to achieve maximum success.

Another piece of their success comes from closely monitoring the rapidly evolving digital landscape and social media, not to mention changes in consumer preferences for social media platforms. And, with the popularity of social media, everyone has the ability to create a viral post so reacting quickly and effectively, even to erroneous rumors, is critical. This is another area in which Maven excels.

The Pennsylvania Ballet  was relatively unknown until it retained Maven. By the time their four-year campaign ended, Maven generated more than 940 media placements to greatly raise their visibility and name recognition.

Philadelphia-based Comcast, on the other hand, is well known and hired Maven to help launch a three-year pilot program called ‘Philly in Focus’. The goal was to bring local businesses and nonprofits together with its PEG (political, education and government) organization on a common platform.

Unlike the ballet, Comcast felt its big-name recognition might be a turn-off to potential community and nonprofit partners. By strategically using social media, event marketing, and media relations, Maven got more than 150 organizations signed up during the beta period. The social media aspect of the plan alone increased Facebook traffic by more than 30%.

Among its list of endorsers is structural engineering firm The Harman Group. When talking about Maven’s successful social media work, Hartman’s Director of Business Development, Janine La Marca, said their posts “yielded a significant growth of our impressions, engagements, and clicks as well as followers.”

Giving Back

In addition to accolades from clients, what also makes Maven stand out is its commitment to the community. Not only does the firm do pro bono work for some nonprofits, but it also encourages its employees to volunteer at local charities through their Maven Gives Back program.What makes the program special is that Maven allows employees to take as much time as necessary volunteering on a cause they embrace. The average time employees volunteer is 200 hours a year. Because of this, the Philadelphia Inquirer named Maven winner of its 2019 Corporate Philanthropy Award.

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