Media RFP Issued By Metropolitan Council


In this Request for Proposals (RFP), the Metropolitan Council (Council) is soliciting proposals for the following services: Metro Transit uses the services of an agency to assist in the development and implementation of media plans that support our annual marketing initiatives. These services include but are not limited to large regional campaigns, radio, print, digital, social, multicultural publications, and alternative media efforts. T


The Metropolitan Council is the regional agency of government for the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Centered on the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the area is made up of the seven counties of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington. The metro area is home to 3 million people in 7 counties and 186 cities and townships, encompassing nearly 3,000 square miles. Created by the Minnesota Legislature in 1967, the Council fosters efficient and economic growth for a prosperous metropolitan region. The Council partners with local governments to coordinate the orderly development of the metro area, and provides innovative, efficient regional services that benefit from economies of scale. The Council’s governing board has 17 members, appointed by the governor. Sixteen members represent geographic districts of roughly equal population across the region. The Council chair, the 17th member, serves at large. The Council’s planning, investments, and services help provide the foundations for regional economic vitality. Guiding this work is the Council’s regional development guide, called Thrive MSP 2040. Thrive is a policy plan that state law requires the Council to prepare at least every 10 years as a framework for the metropolitan area’s “orderly and economical” development.

Scope of Work:

• Collaborate with the Marketing team to develop and purchase media plans that support

annual marketing initiatives.

• These projects will include large regional efforts such as the State Fair, sports marketing

or other mass media campaigns. Familiarity with local media environment and BIPOC

media preferred.

• Media utilized would typically be radio, print, digital, OOH, multicultural publications

and/or alternative outreach resources.

• Assist with digital advertising campaigns and media buys including but not limited to:

o Google ad channels (display, search, adwords, etc.)

o App store advertising (Apple App Store and Google Play)

o Other emerging digital advertising channels (I.e. social media sites Metro Transit

does not have a presence on, new services, etc.)

• Monitor active campaigns and provide performance enhancement recommendations

when needed.

• Provide a comprehensive summary of campaign media results and present to Metro

Transit Marketing staff.

• Collaborate with our marketing team, as needed, in developing strategic approach to

campaign development.

Due Date: August 19, 2021, at 5:00 PM Local Time


Laron Weddington

RFP Administrator

Metropolitan Council

390 N Robert St

St Paul, MN 55101

Phone: 763.443.7784

TTY: (651) 291-0904

Firms to be considered for this assignment include Hunter pr and Zeno group.

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