Mohave Community College Issues Advertising RFP

Mohave Community College Issues Advertising RFP

Mohave Community College has issued an RFP for an advertising agency to support the development and implementation of an integrated marketing and advertising campaign that helps MCC achieve its sales and marketing objectives.

Mission Statement: The mission of Mohave Community College is to be a learning‐centered institution, serving all constituencies, inspiring excellence through innovation and empowering students to succeed.

More information on the college mission and values can be found at‐ goals‐values‐vision‐statement/

Since 1971, the College has provided high quality educational opportunities for Mohave County and surrounding areas. Today, the College serves approximately 4,000 students annually through more than 60 academic and workforce development and continuing education programs of study. The College offers students university transfer opportunities that can save the students thousands of dollars while earning their four‐year degree.

Annual tuition at MCC is approximately $2,500 based on 15 credit hours per semester (Fall and Spring). MCC also offers career preparation and job training; licensure and certification programs. The most popular are Allied Health programs and Welding. MCC offers more than a dozen of these Career and Technical Education programs that can get students started on a career in 2 years or less. MCC has 4 campuses located in 4 cities – 3 in southern Mohave County (Kingman, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City) and one (Colorado City) along the Arizona/Utah border. The population is largely Caucasian with a growing Hispanic population that currently makes up roughly 15% of Mohave County. The college’s Hispanic student body is approximately 24%, which the college wants to increase above 25%.

Scope of work:

The College currently utilizes an advertising media mix roughly 40% digital and 60% traditional media. It has not conducted independent local media research showing audience viewing, listening, reading habits. The agency will show a proven ability to obtain local audience market research in its ad buying decisions.

A Google Premiere Partner is contracted to work with MPIO on AdWords campaigns through April of 2018, and the selected agency will work with MPIO and the Google partner to set and adjust the AdWords budget, which is included in the total budget and outlined below in the Current Advertising Mix section. The primary DMA for the advertising campaign is Mohave County, Arizona and the secondary markets are people living within 75 miles of the MCC Campuses in Kingman, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City and Colorado City.


MPIO may provide branded messages, graphic artwork, video, photos, and possibly other materials to support the campaign.

MCC’s Current Advertising Mix

  1. Television/Cable
  2. College had not used television commercial spot targeted advertising until the Spring of 2017.
  3. There are no local television stations in Mohave County. It is in the Phoenix DMA, however residents can receive Las Vegas television over the air. The number of local viewers watching Las Vegas television stations is unknown.
  4. College is currently advertising on a cable system that penetrates roughly 60% of the households in Mohave County.
    • Radio
    • College utilizes radio ads during drive times (5‐9 a.m. and 3‐7 p.m. M‐F).
    • College is advertising primarily on 4 of the highest rated radio stations that target cities of Kingman, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City and northern Arizona.
  5. Newspaper/Magazine
    • College used local newspaper banner ads, both print and digital, targeting cities of Kingman, Bullhead City, and Lake Havasu City.
  6. Social Media/Digital
    • In April 2017, MCC contracted with a Google AdWords Premiere partner to manage campaigns on this platform. Monthly fee $399. Ad Spend $1,000‐$3,999. If MCC terminates contract early, 50% of monthly fees left on the contract would be paid out.
    • College has recently started utilizing YouTube advertising.
    • College effectively uses Facebook/Instagram ads and boosted posts.
    • College recently began using geo‐fenced mobile ads.
  7. Theaters
    • College runs theater ads in target markets.
  8. Mass Transit
    • College has used advertising on local buses, but was discontinued based on lack of tracking ROI and has not yet been researched and revisited.
  9. Outdoor
    • Billboards have been used, but there was no tracking of ROI so it was discontinued and has not yet been researched and revisited.
  10. Other
    1. Other media/advertising channels/outlets not listed here may be considered and must demonstrate their ability to reach our target market.

Proposal due on June 7 to:

Mohave Community College

Office of the President

1971 Jagerson Ave

Kingman, AZ 86409

Leading PR firms for universities include Ketchum PR and Weber Shandwick.

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