Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy Issues Branding RFP


process to assess our name and branding. Our ultimate goal is to possess the best tools (name, logo, tagline (not existent currently)) to communicate who we are and what we do to a wide variety of audiences – including those who do not yet know us. Our current challenges in meeting this goal are:

                • Clarity

                • Identity

                • Outreach


The Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy (MCAEL) is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in Montgomery County, MD MCAEL incorporated in the state of Maryland in 2006. The organization received its 501( C ) (3) status in 2008.

The coalition is made up of over 60 organizations that provide English classes to adults in Montgomery County, MD. In Montgomery County, there are over 130,000 residents identified as Limited English Proficient (LEP). MCAEL is known as a capacity building organization, with the following mission, “The Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy strengthens the countywide adult English literacy network to support a thriving community and effective workforce.”

MCAEL’s diverse network includes more than 60 adult English literacy programs from the community, faith, and business sectors throughout the county. More than 750 instructors and program staff nd volunteers within these programs, which serve almost 15,000 adult English language learners throughout Montgomery County. Additional information about the organization can be found at

MCAEL is supported by government funding (Montgomery County), private foundation grants, corporate grants and contributions from individual donors. Current operating budget is approximately $690,000 with a total budget reach between $2-4.5 million. Further, MCAEL administers literacy grants to providers. As such, it receives just over $1.1 million each year from Montgomery County which it administers through a competitive grant process to 20+ organizations.

Scope of Work:

The strategic communications plan should achieve the following primary goals. The overall objective of this project will be to create a set of messages and materials to communicate MCAEL’s new strategic framework to our members, partners, and the broader public.

Goal 1—An assessment process of the name “Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy” (& acronym MCAEL):

                • Includes stakeholders in the process

                • Ascertains the need for any name and/or tagline change

Goal 2—Develop messaging and communications materials that:

                • Convey any name change and new tools (logo, tagline, etc.) and

                • Target messages and materials for specific priority audiences (audiences tbd).

Goal 3—A refreshed brand that includes:

                • An updated logo and core identity—which may not be a major redesign, but could include adjusted elements such as colors and typography;

                • Design packages for MCAEL members to use to in their digital and print applications; and

                • Style and graphic standards for internal and potential partner/coalition use.

Goal 4—A communications plan that:

                • Provides a timeline, project plan, and activities for the launch of any new name or brand;

                • Includes member, stakeholder, and media engagement; and

                • Guides future outreach and message activities.

MCAEL wishes to emphasize that its strategic framework is complete and has been approved by its Board of Directors. We are not in need of additional work on the strategic direction of the organization itself. Instead, we seek strategic support on how to best convey our work and ideas effectively through updated communications materials and messaging. Included in this project, we will require:

                • Project management, including clear budgets, timelines, and deliverables to achieve the project goals;

                • Development of all messages, graphics, and materials required to achieve project goals;

                • Production of a limited set of print materials to support the launch of the new strategy; and

                • Support for outreach to key audiences, including media, for the launch of the new brand.

Due Date:

May 1st, 2019. 


Relevant agencies include Zeno Group and Makovsky PR. 

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