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Muck Rack reports on their website that they are the easiest way to contact journalists and bloggers with a story for your organization or PR clients. For their customers they provide alert notifications, track your content and who shares it, as well as the different sites that include it on their social media pages, and help you establish lists of journalists that match your content.

They also allow you to build a portfolio of your best and most successful content in one place, easily shared with your customers, journalists, bloggers and others wanting to know what you are doing and how your efforts expand horizons. And when it comes to social media platforms, you can also get information about how many times your stories are shared on each of those sites. If you are wondering who uses Muck Rack as part of their toolkit, you might be amazed at all the big names on their client list. Those include The New York Times, Mashable, Hootsuite, MasterCard, Storify, UPS, Hubspot, and many more.

Building Relationships With Writers

For PR agencies and specialists, Muck Rack gives the opportunity to cut through to journalists who are specifically interested in your type of story. You don’t have to waste time finding that fit. So you can get the stories to the people faster and then track how it is received. That also means that when you don’t have a hit, you can analyze it faster to decide how to tweak your approach in the future for better reception.

But beyond finding the right fit, the more you use Muck Rack in contacting journalists and other writers, the easier it will be to establish long-term relationships with them and their employers. Because you won’t be wasting their time with articles they aren’t interested in covering, you become a trusted source. You also won’t be annoying writers who aren’t interested. When you have something that will interest them, they won’t automatically dismiss it as a waste of time, because that’s how they’ve come to look at communications from your office.

Crisis Communications

You may already have Google and Yahoo Alerts, but Muck Rack provides you a full report to start your day of all the times a keyword or phrase happened since the last report. You can check the report, make sure nothing needs to be addressed, and if it does, do so immediately. Since waylaying a crisis has so much to do with immediate action in our internet and social media world, your response or action at the beginning of the day means less cleanup effort and time later.

Lists and Reports

Build lists of journalists and other writers around topics or individual client concerns. When you have a story to present, then once you’ve put the information together, it is easy to send it to those on the applicable list(s). After the stories have been published and shared, you get tracking reports that can be analyzed and shared with clients so they can see how effective their campaigns are and what works best for future use. The report might also help them decide how to spend their advertising budget better or what items would be best for big sales and promotion ideas.

The SoHo (New York) tech company, Sawhorse Media, is the innovator that developed Muck Rack. They “believe in the power of technology, design, and journalism,” and are also the force behind the Shorty Awards. Muck Rack is another useful tool to increase your success. Check out how you can benefit from using it at Muckrack.

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