Nevada PR Firms: The Health District Is Calling!

 Southern Nevada Health District

The Southern Nevada Health District has issued an RFP for a government relations firm with experience in providing state level legislative lobbying services to governmental entities in Nevada. Health District is one of the largest local public health organizations in the United States. It serves a population of over 2 million residents, which represents 70 percent of Nevada’s total population. Health District is also charged with safeguarding the public health of the 40 million visitors that come through Las Vegas each year.

Health  District  is  seeking  an agency   to  assist  in  developing  and  pursuing  its  legislative priorities. Assistance will include preparing information for legislators, drafting legislation and amendments, preparing and presenting testimony, and preparing applicable reports and updates.

The chosen agency shall also be tasked with providing the following services:

  • Assist the Health District in preparing for Legislative Sessions.
  • Represent  Health  District  interests  with  any  legislative  standing  or  interim  study committees before with public health matters are raised and report on key developments related to Health District concerns.
  • Provide coverage, lobbying, and representation of the District on legislative, regulatory, or political issues occurring during interim Legislative sessions.
  • Send updated lists and commentary of introduced bill draft requests and introduced bills that are aligned with Health District’s legislative priorities and/or are of interest, relevant, and/or will have an impact to Health District programs, strategic plan and/or budget.
  • Actively communicate and provide real-time updates as needed during the legislative session on information gathered from meetings, hearings and/or discussions of relevance to priority legislation that will impact Health District programs, strategic plan, and/or budget.
  • Act as a liaison on behalf of Health District with the Nevada State Legislature at key committee meetings, sub-committee meetings, legislative events and special interest meetings related to legislative activities.
  • Assist Health District in interpreting legislation and filing comments as appropriate.
  • Review proposed legislation and advise on issues that may impact Health District policies, programs, or success at fulfilling its public health mission, current mandates, or goals.
  • Communicate Health District’s positions and policies to appropriate legislators and other key stakeholders.
  • Identify  key  legislators  to  sponsor  bills  or  champion  issues  of  importance  to  Health District.
  • Produce issue papers, talking points and fact sheets for educating legislative members and stakeholders on key public health issues.
  • Identify potential funding opportunities.
  • Track  legislation  pertinent  to  the  health  district,  provide  reports  on  an  agreed  upon schedule, including hearings attended, testimony provided, etc.
  • Arrange meetings with Nevada Senate and Assembly delegations as appropriate.
  • Similarly, arrange meetings with local elected officials and with federal elected officials.
  • Coordinate  with  stakeholders  and/or  Health  District  partners  on  legislative  issues  to further public health legislative goals and priorities.

Proposals are due by February 12th via email to and, or via snail mail to: 

Southern Nevada Health District Material Management Supervisor

P.O. Box 3902

Las Vegas, NV  89127

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