New Jersey Marketing & PR Firms: Where Are You?

New Jersey Marketing & PR Firms Where Are You

The Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority is seeking a marketing firm who can provide professional services in four areas: 1) the refinement of the FMERA brand; 2) placemaking; 3) media and publicity; and 4) lead/prospect sourcing. These services will promote and articulate the Authority’s mandate – the redevelopment of Fort Monmouth – and spotlight the Fort’s attributes to our stakeholders, prospects and other interested parties.
The assignment also includes to expand the reach and upgrade the content on FMERA’s website,, and on social media platforms. Our intention is to increase and enhance our communication and interactions with our stakeholders, and further our marketing effort to interested parties. As an Authority of the State of New Jersey, FMERA interacts with parties ranging from interested citizens and elected officials to entrepreneurs, developers, investors and real estate professionals. It is important that we have a brand that expresses our mission universally — in an effective and friendly way. FMERA’s mission is to complete the redevelopment of Fort Monmouth efficiently and expeditiously while maximizing the creation of jobs and tax rateables and building a forward- looking community guided by the planning principles embodied in the Fort Monmouth Reuse & Redevelopment Plan (the “Reuse Plan”). The Reuse Plan envisions the redeveloped Fort as a green, live-work-play, transit-friendly community targeting technology sector uses.

In 2014 FMERA took the first step in refining its brand by engaging a consultant to create a new logo and tagline, and upgrade its website, marketing collateral, signage and letterhead. To build upon the newly refined brand, and increase and enhance FMERA’s marketing effort, FMERA is now seeking professional marketing services, with an estimated annual budget of eighty thousand ($80,000) dollars for the first year of the engagement.

Scope of Work:

1. Refinement of the FMERA brand: The selected Consultant will review FMERA’s logo, tagline and mission statement, and offer recommendations for updating/refining FMERA’s brand to best communicate FMERA’s economic development, job creation and redevelopment goals. The selected Consultant will also offer recommendations for incorporating FMERA’s brand into the iconic monuments and wayfinding signage to be installed on the Fort.

2. Media and Publicity: The selected Consultant will perform the following tasks:
• Review FMERA’s website and collateral materials, and provide recommended updates/edits/additions;
• Review and critique FMERA’s social media presence and e-newsletter, and provide recommendations for expanding FMERA’s social media footprint;
• Identify and pursue opportunities for earned media;
• Identify opportunities for social media engagement;
• Draft press releases, social media posts and ads;
• Generate content for all of the above on a monthly basis; and
• Train FMERA staff on social media best practices and use.

2. Placemaking: The selected Consultant will help FMERA create a sense of place at the Fort and build a community founded on the Reuse Plan’s objectives of promoting a forward-looking, green, transit friendly, live-work-play environment, focused on the technology sector as its primary targeted industry. The selected Consultant will further this goal by planning and organizing events, creating/leading familiarization tours, and expanding FMERA’s and the Fort’s social media presence. The selected Consultant will plan separate and distinct tours for each of FMERA’s key stakeholder groups – real estate developers, tech users, and the general public — and train FMERA staff to conduct them.

3. Lead and Prospect Sourcing: The selected Consultant will work closely with FMERA staff to generate interest in real estate development opportunities on the Fort, with an emphasis on FMERA’s available properties and current and planned requests for proposals. The selected Consultant will identify potential prospects, review the prospect list with FMERA staff, contact approved prospects, and arrange/participate in meetings and tours.

Due date:
Proposal is due on June 23rd, 2017.
Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority’s
502 Brewer Avenue
Fort Monmouth
Oceanport, New Jersey

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