New York State Department of Economic Development Issues Media RFP

New York State Department of Economic Development Issues Media RFP

New York State Department of Economic Development has issued an RFP for Experiential Marketing agency who also can work in media placements.  Chosen agency will need to assist in the creation, production and the ability to negotiate both paid and unpaid media placement advertisements, including, radio and television commercials, Out of household (OOH), digital and newspaper/print advertisements. The Department is seeking an organization with experiential marketing administration, media buying and creative/production services capabilities to assist in planning, purchasing and tracking all media purchases related to marketing the ILOVENY brand.


The New York State Department of Economic Development (hereafter referred to as NYSDED or the Department) re-launched the iconic I LOVE NEW YORK campaign – one of the world’s most identifiable and celebrated brands – to reposition New York State Tourism in the 21st century. The campaign was originally developed in 1977 in response to a widespread economic crisis throughout the city and the state and was extremely successful in harnessing travel and tourism as a driver of economic development. The primary objectives of the re-launch were to reassert the I LOVE NEW YORK icon as a statewide brand, put New York State on consumer’s shopping list of places to visit and ultimately, drive more visits and overnight stays across the state. Tourism is critically important to the State, and one of New York’s largest industries with an annual economic impact in the multi-billions of dollars.

NYSDED is the New York State Agency tasked with creating private-sector job opportunities for New Yorkers by enhancing the State’s economic growth. The Division of Tourism takes the lead in carrying out this mission through the tourism industry, by promoting New York State as the premier location to vacation and visit. The Department’s primary resource is the I LOVE NEW YORK brand, a celebrated and renowned brand first introduced in 1977.

Travel and tourism represents a $142 billion industry in New York State and accounts for close to 900,000 jobs. As tourism remains an integral part of the New York State economy, the I LOVE NEW YORK campaign represents a vital link to one of the most tested and resilient vehicles for continued economic growth. Now more than ever, in these trying economic times, travel and tourism provides a strong foundation for spurring job creation and development. The Department’s anticipated five-year budget for media placements is $7.5 million.

Spring/Summer Media Campaign:

The Spring/Summer campaign has traditionally consisted of response driven television, print, OOH and digital media campaigns with a call to action. For the past several years, the overall creative theme has been, “It’s All in New York. It’s Only in New York.” Under this creative umbrella, campaigns highlight activities and attractions of New York State often overlooked. The primary target markets will continue to be the “drive to” consumers within a five-hour trip throughout New York State along with adjoining states and Canadian provinces.

Fall Media Campaign:

The Fall campaign consists of print, out-of-household, digital and radio media campaigns targeting New York City along with adjoining states and Canadian provinces.


  • Upon receipt of the Project Manager’s written approval of advertising plans, the Contractor  shall perform media placement services required to plan, buy, and track all media purchases for I LOVE NEW YORK campaigns as directed by the Department.

The Contractor shall provide a pre-buy analyses and evaluations as directed by the Department.  Pre-buy analyses and media planning to be provided by the Contractor may include, but is not limited to: experiential marketing administration; demographic research; targeting media to reach specified audiences; obtaining audited circulation information for newspapers and magazines; obtaining size and format information for print; media purchasing; electronic distribution of spots to the designated stations; negotiating and placing digital ad campaigns and social media outreach efforts, sending print ads electronically or on disk to the selected publications; arranging for printing of out-of-home posting materials; obtaining and submitting affidavits of performance; obtaining tear sheets, either hard copy or electronic, of print ads; obtaining completion photos of out-of-home ads; keeping track of accounts and keeping buys within budget limitations; submitting invoices in a timely manner; and presenting post-buy analyses and evaluations for each campaign.

  1. Upon the Department’s request, the Contractor shall provide station/network programming lists, complete with station profiles, coverage maps and current points/rankers, with proposed times of placement for specific markets, together with reach, frequency and cost per point for  the various electronic media proposed in applicable markets. Additionally, upon request by the Department,  the Contractor shall provide demographic information, including demographic analysis, by market, demographic profile and time of day, of the proposed electronic media. The Department may request other information standard to the industry.
  2. The Contractor shall provide, when applicable, print media lists for specific markets, together with recommended dates of placement in specific print media within said markets, together with the circulation and readership figures for each specific print media proposed. Recommended placement dates for print media must have a justified source based upon the Department’s marketing strategy, target audience of publication and/or editorial content of the publication.
  3. Negotiate both paid and unpaid media placement advertisements, including, but not limited to, radio and television commercials, signage, event sponsorship media deliverables, digital media and newspaper/print advertisements. Placements will be required throughout New York State and adjoining states and Canadian provinces to reach the drive-to-market tourist population. Placements may include in market placements in foreign countries.
    • The Contractor shall, when assigned a media buy, negotiate the best rates and times for applicable electronic media. Time placement should be in accordance with the stations current points/rankers, the Department’s target audience/budget and/or industry standard for specific media.
    • The Contractor shall, when assigned a media buy, negotiate the best placement and rates for applicable print media.
  4. Negotiate media placement which achieves maximum promotion opportunities with media and special events, ie. sports programs.
    • Contractor must be available to meet with the Department’s Program Manager, in person, given seventy- two hour notice, and/or be available by telephone, if an emergent situation arises.
    • Contractor must have the capacity to place media buys within a reasonable time period.
  5. Upon request of the Department, the Contractor shall provide a post-buy analysis which shall include, but not be limited to the following:
    • Complete listing, by market of purchase, including specific stations for electronic media purchases and a complete list of publications for print media buys;
  6. Upon request by the Department, the Contractor shall monitor, analyze and report on the Department’s cable TV media advertising campaigns (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, etc.). At the conclusion of each campaign, if asked by the Department, the Contractor shall prepare in addition to other reports as may be discussed elsewhere in this Agreement, a written analysis of the campaign, including but not limited  to statistical analyses of its effect and recommendations for improvement. After the Department has reviewed the analysis, the Contractor may be asked to meet or otherwise discuss with Department staff, the Contractor’s recommendations. The Department may, at any time, request further information or analysis concerning the media campaign from the Contractor.

Proposals due by May 9th, 2017 to:

NYS Department of Economic Development
Lisa Sutton
Office of Fiscal Management
625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12245

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