Nielsen Study: Commercials about Value Are the Most Efficient

4,000 packaged-goods commercials from 2006 through 2011 were analyzed in a recent study by Nielsen and the conclusions are, perhaps, surprising: ads about value work best even during recession. Also, regardless of the period, people like to laugh – this is the second important conclusion of the research.

The analysis of the ads surprisingly showed that promotions and prices aren’t as attractive in commercials as you might think. Even during the recession, people weren’t impressed with prices, as much as they were attracted by the ads with values such as convenience and affordability.

“While a humorous storyline was the top driver for each period, suggesting in good times and bad consumers like to laugh, the real surprise was the low scores ads focused on price and promotion received, even during the height of the recession,” declared James Russo, VP for global consumer insights at Nielsen, in a statement provided by the company. “Contrary to what many leading companies might have thought.”

The conclusions of the study will be presented in detail at the Cannes ad festival on Thursday.

The fact that people like to laugh, or at least smile during a commercial, isn’t surprising, as I think anyone wants to have fun. It is a pleasure for anyone to see great ads that make you laugh too while managing to make you remember the brand and product and even determine you to purchase that product.

I do find it interesting that people, even during hard times, don’t focus on money and promotions and prefer value commercials, as in the end the budget available when shopping is not a minor issue.

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