Use of Social Media for Non-work Related Activities Costs Companies Big Bucks

webtitan social media cost calculatorWebTitan has recently released a mind blowing statistic: according to the company’s social media cost calculator, a company with an average of 50 employees pays out $65000 per year for non-work related social media activity. The social media cost calculator shows that workers using non-work related social networking for a mere 20 minutes is the equivalent of paying out $65,000 or 5% of the year’s salary bill for non-productive work.

For many businesses, managing non-work browsing habits, including accessing Facebook at work, Tweeting, and watching YouTube videos is a serious challenge. Even smaller companies face the same challenges, and if the costs for a company of 50 employees are so high, can you imagine what happens in larger institutions?

To face the challenges, some companies restricted the use of social media altogether, although this may not be the best alternative. A better solution would be finding a way of including use of non-work related social media networks into a daily schedule in ways that don’t affect productivity, and don’t cost the company so much. For instance, employees should be allowed to use social media sites in coffee breaks or lunch breaks.

“With companies now using social media to market to customers it is important that social media access is flexibly managed as roles require it, and that the web filtering tool employed to do this is dynamic enough to keep pace with changes within the organization,” said Ronan Kavanagh, SpamTitan Technologies CEO.

If you want to see how your company is being affected by non work related social networking try WebTitan’s calculator.

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