Affinnova Expands Technical Marketing Capabilities

Affinnova logoIn news from Affinnova, Inc., a leader in marketing software and services, the company announced their sixth patent on a marketing innovation tool that helps predict personal preferences.

Invented by Affinnova’s Kevin Karty, Ph.D., this latest algorithmic tool helps marketers (businesses) more clearly define targets, enabling faster and more refined market entry. Affinnova’s CEO, Waleed Al-Atraqchi, went on to explain:

“We are pleased to have been awarded this patent, which represents our continuing investment in unique R&D to innovate the innovation process itself. Affinnova’s application of advanced algorithms to the marketing process enables marketers to search expansive spaces of viable options to find consumers’ top concepts and to more accurately validate those concepts. This dramatically improves the success rate and time to market for new products, advertising and packaging.”

Earlier this year, according to the news, the American Marketing Association recognized Al-Atraqchi’s company as one of the top 10 growth prospects in the research space. Affinnova directs energies toward solving the inherent problems in idea-measurement, the company’s “marque” product, IDDEA:

  • Finds the top concepts from a consideration space of virtually any size (unique variant combinations frequently number in the millions)
  • Is highly flexible, handles a wide range of concept stimuli from pure design to pure text or any combination in between
  • And, IDDEA II version of the product measures top concepts against each other and relevant competitive benchmark concepts

Innovation RocketAside this news bit on new algorithmic might, Affinnnova’s latest news includes getting the nod from Ciao Bella, a superb ice cream company, for a packaging idea. An article here on reveals how Affinnova applied their technology to theoretical testing of some 6 million packaging ideas – in the end coming up with packaging that Ciao Bella’s VP of Sales and Marketing claimed “outperforming the current package by 65 percent.”

Founded in 2000 by two Phd’s. from MIT, Noubar Afeyan and Kamal Malek, Affinnova has made fairly massive inroads into cutting edge marketing technology advancements. For a look at a white paper the company terms “The Innovation Rocket” (at right via their whitepaper)   click here.

For more information about the company, or this most recent patent news, please follow the links above, or alternatively, contact the company’s  PR firm, MoreInk PR via Martha Popoloski, at: +1 781-405-8328

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