CE Pulse Tracks Real-Time Online Sentiment at CES

CE Pulse

CE Pulse presented by JetBlue and powered by Mullen and Pointslocal tracks and ranks consumer electronics brand and product sentiment in real-time.

The International Consumer Electronics Show begins today, pumping an insurmountable amount of new technology into our lives.  In order to help consumers digest the new technology, three companies have joined forces to develop a real time, interactive gauge of public opinion, CE Pulse.

Sponsored by JetBlue Airways and powered by Mullen and Pointslocal, a leading social media analytics provider, CE Pulse keeps track and ranks social opinion about consumer electronics, so site visitors can filter through the marketing build up and gain an understanding of how consumers actually feel about products and brands.

With CE Pulse companies and consumers can rate a brand’s consumer sentiment and popularity in regard to the competition, engage in a live dialog with people and brands, follow brand or category specific tweet streams, discover breakout products and consumer electronics categories from the show, and pinpoint geographic activity.

In the latest series of projects in social media monitoring and analysis from Mullen, Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company, CE Pulse came out on top.  For the past three years Mullen has held BrandBowl, a way to gauge consumer sentiment surrounding Super Bowl TV Ads.  In addition to BrandBowl, the agency has also measured consumer interest related to major sports teams including The Boston Red Sox and The New England Patriots.

“In a fast-paced and cluttered environment like CES, all brands are trying to stand out with innovative products and splashy marketing,” said Michael Bourne, SVP Account Director at Mullen. “Social media monitoring tools like CE Pulse enable consumers and brands to truly understand how the public perceives new products, and filter through the noise to uncover valuable information.  Brands that gauge how consumers talk about them are in a better position to engage in a dialogue with those consumers.”

Sponsored by JetBlue, who are known for its unprecedented in-flight experiences and ground breaking approach to customer service that includes an acclaimed social media outreach team, CE Pulse is giving consumers and consumer electronics industry professionals an invaluable view of the public’s opinion of new products and brand activity.

“At JetBlue, we care about our customers’ experiences from start to finish, even beyond their flight,” said JetBlue Social Media Strategist Morgan Johnston. “The advancements in consumer electronics change the way we play, work, live and even travel, so we’re excited to help provide consumers with this unique view into all the cool new gadgets at the show.  is going to be an exciting year for us as we continue the technological innovation and award-winning service at the heart of JetBlue.”

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