North Carolina Housing Authority Seeks PR Company

City of Hickory Public Housing Authority in North Carolina

The City of Hickory Public Housing Authority in North Carolina has the primary purpose of providing safe, decent and affordable housing for low income citizens of the city, and focus on the management of low to moderate income multi-family housing. The organization manages 311 units of public housing and 449 Units of Section 8 New Construction. They seek a PR firm, and proposals must be received by December 1, 2015.

The City of Hickory Public Housing Authority’s mission is to provide affordable housing along with resources and support systems designed to facilitate self-sufficiency and foster increased economic independence within the community.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is currently experiencing historic challenges in providing public and affordable housing. Nationally the public housing inventory is in extreme disrepair requiring nearly $26 Billion to bring the units up to a livable standard. Additionally, only one (1) in five (5) families who need housing assistance actually receive it. The current business model is simply unsustainable. In response to this condition HUD has implemented the Rental Assistance Demonstration; commonly referred to as RAD. RAD allows public housing authorities to convert their inventory to project based Section 8 programs; thereby reducing regulatory burdens and allowing authorities to improve supportive services to residents and expand the availability of affordable housing.

The firm hired will assist the agency in effectively addressing community concerns and building stakeholder support for the vision of affordable housing in the region.

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Scope of Services

The Housing Authority will award a contract to a qualified PR firm to provide marketing and public relations services as needed for the operation of the agency. Requirements include:

1. Branding

  • Develop and implement a marketing & public relations plan that supports the efforts of HHA to establish a favorable public image which is not associated with “the projects” and which strengthens the perceived value of the Authority and its affiliates & instrumentalities.
  • Develop communication strategies to bolster public support and awareness for HHA initiatives to upgraded the affordable housing units in our portfolio and expand the availability of affordable housing units in our jurisdiction.
  • Promote public awareness of the Authority’s achievements through a consistent and positive message.

2. Story Generation and Placement

  •  Develop a marketing and public relations media program which considers the evolving landscape of print, broadcast, and digital media to generate positive exposure for the Authority and its affiliates & instrumentalities.

3. Media Relations

  • Liaise with trade, local, regional, and national media outlets.
  • Maintain regular contact with local and trade media outlets.
  • Develop press releases and responses to media inquiries as needed.
  • Coordinate media briefings and interviews as needed.
  • Assist in maintaining and updating websites and social media profiles as needed.
  • Monitor media coverage of HHA and its affiliates & instrumentalities as well as submit periodic reports about media activity.
  • Provide general media assistance, i.e. crisis management, fact checking, and developing responses to negative publicity, as needed.

4. Stakeholder Relations

  • Assist with handling crisis communications including development of key messages for dissemination to stakeholders, venture partners, HUD, and the general public before, during, and after crises.
  • Assist with preparation of remarks and/or talking points for presentation public forums.
  • Assist in writing the narrative and creating strategies for delivering communications/updates to stakeholders.
  • Assist in developing outreach strategies and initiatives involving residents and other stakeholders.

Proposals are due by December 1, 2015 to

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