BIC North America Pens Searches For A Public Relations Company

BIC north america

We have learned that BIC North America is searching for a public relations firm of record for both their consumer and corporate business. They seek a firm who can assist in all aspects of consumer PR, including product launches, day-to-day media relations and similar needs.

The company also seeks a firm able “to mitigate potential crises, as well as to navigate through a crisis (product recall, safety issue, reputational or financial) and similar needs.

BIC is based in Connecticut and is a leading manufacturer of stationery, lighters, and men’s and women’s shavers. BIC, sells its products in 160 countries throughout the world and is known for offering high-quality, reliable products.

The company also seeks a corporate agency able to work with corporate governance, skilled at crisis communications, media training, and work to ensure proper communications to vendors, customers, consumers and the like.

The company last was featured in PR Week when it launched what was described as a sexist advertising campaign, which on National Women’s Day urged women to “think like a man.”

In the past, Cashman & Katz Integrated Communications worked for Bic Pens. Zimmerman Agency has experience working for Pilot Pens.

BIC’s search is ongoing as they seek a firm for 2016.

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