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The North Dakota Game and Fish Department (Department) has a legislatively mandated program and a Governor approved management plan to address aquatic nuisance species (ANS). These harmful plants and animals pose a serious threat to the ecosystem and the economy. Currently the best strategy is to prevent their introduction, with a heavy emphasis on educational efforts. Although the Department provides information periodically, additional staff time and perspectives are needed to implement an effective and comprehensive outreach campaign. An outside contractor is sought to assist in developing and implementing an ANS outreach campaign, including developing materials, placing advertisements, and presenting ideas on to expand efforts in an efficient manner.

Scope of Work:

The first phase will include the development of a comprehensive communications strategy in cooperation with the Department as well as any needed creative design. All artwork, advertisements, and media buys will require Department pre-approval during this phase. Any artwork developed under this contract will become property of the Department. The Department shall be furnished with any and all digital files upon request. The communications strategy should be finalized by March 30, 2018 and will guide activities throughout the contract year. Advertising should begin by May 19, 2018 to capture boating and angling target audiences.

Example activities included in the communications strategy may include:

  1. Radio programming and advertisements.
  2. Magazine print ads and website online advertising.
  3. Television programming and/or advertisements to include a regional market.
  4. Daily and/or weekly newspaper advertisements or paid press releases.
  5. Outdoor and site specific advertising to include bait and tackle shops, gas stations and roadside billboards.
  6. Contracting with well-known North Dakota outdoor personality as an ANS spokesperson.
  7. Other forms of advertising and publicity as agreed to by the Department.
  8. Coordinate and include other organizations including North Dakota Sportfishing Congress, Friends of Lake Sakakawea, Voices of Oahe and the Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce.

The second phase will include implementation of the communications strategy. This will include media buys and placements. Advertising will likely be completed by October 31, 2018, but is subject to change based on the communications strategy. Media buys and placements should be tracked, and when possible, impression metrics should be obtained for later evaluation. A final report on the types of numbers of placements will be required at the by November 30,2018, and any evaluation metrics should be included.

Offerors should consider advertising on a statewide scale. The Department’s target audience is the male population between 25-65 years, with secondary focus on others directly or indirectly engaged in outdoor recreation activities of angling, boating, and waterfowl hunting. Priority areas in the state include areas with concentrated angling pressure, population centers, and the Red River system.

Due Date:

January 23


North Dakota Game and Fish Department
100 North Bismarck Expressway
Bismarck, ND 58501-5095

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