Northeastern Illinois University Issues Media Buying RFP

Northeastern Illinois University requires the services of a qualified media buyer to provide services related to research, planning, and purchase of paid media to reach target audiences. The target demographic must meet certain key aspects in age (traditional college‐age freshman), ACT scoring, and geographic proximity. The University’s key focus will be on traditional-age students who come from high schools in the city of Chicago and suburban collar counties. By purposefully targeting this group, it is our intent to attract individuals who will be more likely to apply and be retained. The University wishes to build an annual advertising and communication plan. The expert use of select media channels that are focused on the University’s target audience is key, and it is crucial to ensure that media is being leveraged that will help increase overall student applicants. Utilizing audience data and insights acquired by the University, the Division of Marketing and Communications will work with the selected Vendor on the creative aspects of all advertising to ensure proper branding and messaging is used. All media must comply with the Brand Guide, which is located on the University website at:


Northeastern Illinois University is a comprehensive state university serving approximately 8,000 students in an attractive residential area on the northwest side of Chicago. The University offers more than 70 undergraduate and graduate majors in the arts, sciences, education, and business. NEIU’s El Centro, Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies, University Center of Lake County locations adds to NEIU’s strong presence in Chicagoland. Recognized as one of the most diverse university’s in the Midwest, NEIU’s population provides a microcosm of the rich ethnicity, culture, age and language of the Chicago metropolitan area and the world. A significant portion of NEIU’s students are first generation higher education students.

Scope of Work:

The successful Vendor shall:

  1. Create the media and communication plan (“the Plan”);
  2. Use their data and data available from the University;
  3. Meet with the University on a weekly basis. More often if needed.

University personnel will:

  • Review, influence, and possibly alter the Plan as appropriate;
  • Approve messages and creative output;
  • May recommend additional media choices in addition to the media plan provided by the successful Vendor

Due Date:

                April 29


Victoria Santiago, Director of Purchasing

                Phone: (773) 442‐5301


                Northeastern Illinois University

                5500 N. St. Louis Avenue

                Chicago, Illinois 60625

Zeno Group and Edelman PR are both based in Chicago.

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