NYS Parks & Recreation Seeks Agency To Conduct Boating Safety Media Campaign

NYS Parks & Recreation Seeks Agency To Conduct Boating Safety Media Campaign

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) has issued this Solicitation of Interest (SOI) to identify potential contractors capable of creating, producing and implementing a 14-week boating safety media campaign between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holiday weekends. The media campaign will focus on radio Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) supporting the “Wear It New York” message which encourage boaters to wear their life jackets. The PSA’s will be supplemented by a targeted mobile digital campaign that would not only highlight the “Wear It New York“ message but also engage boaters by via banner ads and video content.


The New York State Parks Bureau of Marine Services (MSB) functions as the primary office for boating safety in New York. Much of what the MSB does is funded through a Federal Recreational Boating Safety grant administered by the U.S. Coast Guard. In addition to responsibilities that range from public vessel inspection and licensing to placement of navigational aids and marine law enforcement training and assistance, and much more, the MSB administers a statewide boating safety education program. The boating safety education program is supplemented by a strong outreach initiative throughout the state. According to U.S Coast Guard statistics, 8 out of 10 people who died in a boating accident were not wearing a life jacket and most of those died from drowning. The simple act of wearing a life jacket can significantly affect the survival of an individual in a boating accident. According to the 2017 New York State Recreational Boating Report for the years 2005-2017, drownings accounted for 69% of all boating fatalities and most of the victims were not wearing their life jacket.

As part of our outreach effort, MSB is seeking a vendor that can aggressively market our “Wear It New York” message via targeted radio PSA’s.

Scope of Work:

Contractor Requirements:

                1. Create at a minimum ten, 10-second and ten, 15-second PSA’s a year.

                2. Employ voice talent, creative assistance, productive services and studio time at no additional cost to OPRHP.

                3. Allow OPRHP to customize PSAs to meet specific scenarios or conditions at any time. For vessels on the Hudson River, which will only be played on stations in the area.

                4. Air with the Total Traffic and Weather Network in all the following New York State media markets:

                                o Albany

                                o Buffalo

                                o Burlington/Plattsburgh

                                o Hudson Valley

                                o Nassau/Suffolk

                                o Rochester

                                o Syracuse

                                o Watertown

                5. Provide “Premium Billboard” time (a lead in which runs adjacent to our ad) for the PSA’s.

                6. Offer production service added value components at no additional cost to expand the Wear It New York message. This should include a minimum of 10 events during the 14-week media campaign where the radio station promotes and distributes boating safety materials furnished by MSB.

                7. Use geo-fencing (the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary,  enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area) to compliment the radio PSA’s. Geo-fencing should reach consumers via over 100,000 mobile apps when they are within one mile of a waterbody as determined by MSB, including but not limited to Long Island Sound, Hudson River, Finger Lakes, Erie Canal, Oneida Lake, Genesee River, Chautauqua Lake, Lake Champlain, Lake Ontario and Lake Eire.

                8. Identify specific stations that target a 25-64 age demographic (the target audience that meets the main boating demo) to run on, with the opportunity for OPRHP to request specific PSA’s to air on specific stations.

Due Date:

Solicitation of Interest (SOI) by April 14


Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Contract Bureau / PRK01-SOI-2019-01

625 Broadway, 2nd Floor

Albany, NY 12207

Relevant strong NY agencies include Rubenstein PR and 5WPR.

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