PA Leadership Charter School Seeks SEM Digital Agency

The primary goal is to increase the school’s enrollment with an effective SEM campaign. In addition to a robust SEM campaign, all marketing content and messaging must be consistent and match current traditional marketing methods such as organic search, onsite activations and inbound approaches.


PA Leadership Charter School (PALCS) is a K-12 Online Public Charter School. Serving 3,100 students across the state since 2004. Our target audience is families, or persons with knowledge of children and education. The marketing division is responsible for obtaining new students, retention of said students and creating community awareness of the school and its provisions.

Scope of Work:

The SEM partner will evaluate current SEM practices and communicate changes that could, and will, directly lead to goal completions. SEM partner will work closely with Director of Marketing and Communications in regards to content and copy, and will seek approvals prior to any execution.

SEM partner will:

                1) Provide initial evaluation of current SEM status within 30 days of new or renewed       partnership.

                2) Produce researched keywords and key phrases that will support an effective SEM campaign.

                3) Research key terms that are used with competitors/audiences that yield high PPC positioning.

                4) Review current strategies, keywords, etc., and suggest changes to enhance campaign.

                5) Provide weekly reports for the first 60 days, and then monthly reports thereafter, either       inperson or virtually.

                6) Execute, monitor, and engage a successful and measurable SEM campaign.

                7) Be a local and accessible team that can be directly connected to the Director of Marketing      and Communications based in West Chester, PA, both in-person and virtually.

Target Deliverable Schedule

SEM partnership is targeted to commence on February 1st 2020, with SEM execution commencing

March 1st 2020. The duration of this partnership will last one year, however, PALCS reserves the right to cancel or withdraw from the partnership at any time and for any reason, but will provide 45 days’ notice to SEM partner.

The above proposed dates could be subject to change, and will be updated accordingly with partner.

Execution Overview

SEM partner will be working directly with Director of Marketing and Communications who is based in West Chester, PA. It is essential that the majority of the partners’ team is accessible in person, as needed, for face to face discussions. It is acceptable that 15-20% of the partners’ team is based outside of PA, but is accessible virtually.

The SEM partner will communicate any changes, adjustments, and concerns within, or about, the SEM campaign within 24 business hours to the Director of Marketing and Communications if it is outside of the agreed upon scope of work. Example – Google notifications in regards to account, drastic decreases in PPC traffic, etc.

SEM Goals –

                1. Reach highly qualified prospective families who will convert to fully enrolled applicants             (students/families).

                2. Increase requests for information via web downloads, form fills or physical mail from highly   qualified prospective families.

                3. Increase actionable items such as phone calls and tours to each building location from highly qualified prospective families.

                4. Maintain PPC web positioning at a 3 or above.

                5. Decrease page/web bounce times.

                6. Increase time on page and pages visited from unique visitors.

                7. Increase lead funnel with highly qualified prospective leads.

                8. Increase overall traffic to with highly qualified unique visitors.

Due Date:

October 31st 2019

Leading digital PR firms include Shift Communications and Kite Hill PR.

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