Ohio Public Employees Retirement System Issues Communications RFP

Ohio Public Employees Retirement System Issues Communications RFP

OPERS seeks to engage a consultant to develop a comprehensive and integrated Communications Strategy(ies) for the retirement system and an executable work plan to carry out this strategy(ies) throughout 2018. The Communication Strategy will build upon the foundation of the past and present value of the retirement system and result in a more favorable reputation of OPERS among its audiences and stakeholders.


In 1935, the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) began a tradition of providing excellent retirement benefits for state employees. With approximately $87.3 billion in net assets, the System provides retirement, disability, and survivor benefit programs for public employees throughout the state who are not covered by another state or local retirement system. OPERS serves 1,067,000 members of approximately 3,700 public employers and over 205,000 retirees, disability recipients, and surviving beneficiaries who receive monthly benefits.

Scope of Work:

The six primary audiences to be addressed with this Communications strategy include legislators, retirees, active membership, union groups, Public Employees Retirement, Inc. (PERI) members and the OPERS

Retiree Advocacy Group. The selected vendor should identify any other stakeholder groups it feels are pertinent to the overall Communication strategy and define a communication strategy and executable work plan for each. It is likely overlap in messaging will be present and the selected vendor is expected to leverage resources, communication mediums and timelines when possible to arrive at an efficient, impactful work plan.

Methods of communication currently at OPERS’ disposal and available for inclusion in the work plan include education seminars, printed materials, email blasts, surveys and a variety of social media avenues. Current print materials, digital communications and outreach efforts need to be refreshed to reflect a stronger message of OPERS as a trusted retirement partner of the membership. The vendor’s final deliverable product should outline the approach and examples of these updated materials, digital communications and outreach plans. The selected vendor is required to work within the existing OPERS Brand Identity and Style Guides.

We anticipate the selected vendor will incorporate into their timeline an allotment for their discovery to drill down and understand our audiences and stakeholders, communication efforts to date, communication production capabilities, our challenges and the challenges of our members and retirees.

Deliverables from this limited engagement include:

1)            A clearly defined Strategy Document to re-establish OPERS’ assurance among its membership that the System continues to operate in their best interests and will continue to fulfill its mission of providing secure retirement benefits. The Strategy Document will include at a minimum, the following components:

  • All OPERS audiences and stakeholders
  • A defined goal (outcome) for each audience and stakeholder group
  • A strategy(ies) for each audience and stakeholder group that addresses the particular concern(s) of that group
  • Examples of refreshed communication materials, both digital and print, and outreach plans.

2)            A detailed Work Plan for OPERS to follow with executable steps, a timeline and recommended resources (by department/function).

Due Date:

March 5th, 2018


277 East Town Street

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Firms to consider for this assignment could be Makovsky PR.

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