Oprah Winfrey’s Biography, Exposé or Repose

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All over the news today is the story of an unauthorized biography of media legend Oprah Winfrey. Interestingly, the reports vary in depth and intonation about author Kitty Kelley as well as revelations from the book. Fox News reports the story one way, while other outlets tell it another. Whoever is telling the story one thing is certain, Oprah wields immense power over media. Funny, some media are already pitching in to help Winfrey overcome the blows, as if she is in need.

Kelly, who is famous for her iron fisted unauthorized biographies of celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Nancy Reagan, is reported to have suggested many talk shows and promotional channels were closed to her for promotion of the book. Evidently many lesser figures in media do not want to anger Winfrey, but it also makes sense the supported networks just do not want brand damage to the Winfrey cash cow. Either way Kelly seems to have struck a nerve.

Love, Hate, and Reality

The world loves Oprah Winfrey, how could it not? Even if it were found she is really Dr. Evil in disguies, the good she has done for people is tremendous. On the other end of things, the revelations from Kelly, as well as Winfrey’s own admissions, paint a little different picture of fame. Lesbian affairs, with Barbara Walters no less? Well, skeletons reside in anyone’s closet except Mother Theresa. For Kelly though, it is pretty unfair for her to get stonewalled. That is if Winfrey is half the person most people think she is. Transparency looks a lot better when it is not greasy or cloudy after all.

Shocking details, revealing revelations, conspiracy theories, Oprah needed a biography about as much as oil companies need commercials these days. It’s not like she is Paul Newman or something, everyone sees her more than their mom. I am just happy she won’t be having her drippy sweet studio audience pulling surprise gifts from beneath their seats. Such is the double edge sword of sweetness and kindness for billionaires, for me a least. I love Oprah, and cannot stand her at the same time.

Maybe if she had me on the show? As for Kelly? It is a little sad that sensationalists cannot get an even break. Well, at least as sad as Winfrey and Babawawa exchanging flowers, among other things. I will never forget my hero Sean Connery making that cow look like a cretin when she played cat and mouse with him in an interview.

Babawawa and Oprah, two peas in the makeup pod of Hollywood motion picture play acting – or fine professionals with immense drive and determination. And kindness in Winfrey’s case. At least that is the appearance. There’s the real revelation, believing. The waiting Winfrey world wants to know.

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