Parentie, New Social Network Targeting Parents

parentieTargeting  specific groups seems to be the focus for some of the newly launched social networks, and Parentie is no exception. This new social network has a database with schools from all over United States and allows parents to form communities based on different criteria and share childcare and education information.

This new social network service allows parents to form communities by regions or educational institutions. Parents can search for the educational institution their child belongs to, find other parents that have kids there and build personal networks where they can discuss various current issues.

Parentie is available both on PCs and mobile devices, thus empowering parents to have a real time conversation as long as they have an Internet connection. The app can already be downloaded from Google Play for Android based devices, and in there are future plans to develop an iPhone app as well.

The company offers, for the moment, a database with schools in the United States only but plans to expand it with a database of nursery facilities dedicated to parents with younger children.

Moms have great communities in many parts of the world. A social web service that will allow them to connect with parents who have kids in the same nurseries and schools, and even in the same grade (or perhaps year?) is indeed a great idea and could definitely have a huge success in time, as kids start going to school every year.

Sharing information on school activities, coming up with new ideas, forming communities, discussing plans for parties or changes that could benefit children – these and, I’m sure, many other aspects can be discussed on such a network. Moreover, Parentieţs availability on mobile devices allows  parents to contact each other in emergency cases – to check up on their children, to ask for help etc.

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