PGW Seeks Social Media Marketing Company


PGW is seeking a social media agency or professional to execute up to four defined social media campaigns to drive awareness, measurable engagement and channel growth for PGW’s online community presence. They seek to increase the overall awareness of PGW and its @myPGWcommunity channel which exists in support of @myPGW. This handle is specifically focused on PGW’s community presence and its positive impact on the city every day.

Selected vendor will be responsible for managing up to four defined social media campaigns with the following outcomes in mind:

  1. Increase awareness of  PGW’s commitment to infrastructure improvement;
  2. Improve outreach to key PGW external stakeholders;
  3. More frequent and timed engagement that is strategically planned; and
  4. Develop measurable outcomes that produce overall channel growth.

Process Requirements:

The selected vendor will develop a structured program that includes:

  • A process to assist PGW in clearly defining its social media program to relate to the selected audience.
  • Grow audience groups and stakeholders, including analysis of what is important to residents, customers and industry peers.
  • Development and delivery of written and visual assets (posts, blogs, images etc.) that align with the audience groups and their needs or desires as defined in the previous steps.
  • Clear documentation of the executed plan, content including timelines and required resources, supported by regular reporting and analytics.

Due Date

September 29 2017


Tyreese Goode, PGW Procurement Department
800 W. Montgomery Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122
(215) 684-6674

Strong PR firms for this assignment could include Coyne PR or Hunter PR.

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