Piedmont Authority for Transportation Issues Marketing RFP

Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation Issues Marketing RFP

The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) is seeking proposals from qualified firms to manage daily administration associated with the project management and outreach/marketing related activities for the PART Business 40 Mitigation Strategies Plan. The estimated cost of this project is $150,000 for two years.


Beginning late 2018, NCDOT will begin reconstruction of Business 40 in Winston-Salem. The reconstruction efforts will include the complete closure of a 1.2-mile section for two years. For North Carolina, the complete closure of an interstate grade roadway for a two-year period is unprecedented. The project is anticipated to cause increased traffic and travel delays along numerous streets and highways within Forsyth County. Impact will be felt by commuters and visitors traveling to downtown Winston-Salem. In an effort to respond to these anticipated challenges, PART in coordination with key stakeholders developed a mitigation plan including a variety of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies to reduce and/or redistribute travel demand. The selected firm will serve as an extension of the PART agency and be responsible for implementation, management, and reporting of this mitigation plan. Applying consultants should have knowledge of the community, experience in Transportation Demand Management, and connections within the Winston-Salem community.

Scope of Work:

PART is seeking to enter into a professional services agreement with a qualified firm that will be responsible for developing, implementing, maintaining, and monitoring the following items:

  • Coordinating with PART staff to acquire data, reports, invoices, etc. required for monthly grant reporting and requests for reimbursement to NCDOT;
  • Provide monthly progress reports;
  • Monitoring enhanced service against established matrices and evaluate results and notify PART staff when service may require modification and potential discontinuation;
  • Providing professional, effective communication services;
  • Coordinating with a variety of stakeholders including but not limited to NCDOT, WSTA, City of Winston-Salem, Winston-Salem Chamber, and Downtown Partnership to ensure a cohesive and coordinated project approach;
  • Attending PART Board of Trustee and staff meetings as required;
  • Representing PART at stakeholder events, meetings, and activities as required;
  • Coordinating with PART vendors to accomplish plan goals and objectives, meet performance measures, and ensure consistency;
  • Develop a strategic plan and timeline for the promotion of TDM programs in the Winston-Salem “Business 40 impact area” including but not limited to marketing and public outreach strategies for target audiences, managing program budgets;
  • Developing public outreach materials, media kits, corporate information packets, and other associated items for internal and external use;
  • Promoting and encouraging the use of PART Express, the ExpressPass program, PART Vanpool program, and NCDOT’s Share the Ride NC program to commuters and businesses;
  • Coordinating and implementing marketing and outreach efforts to promote trip reduction strategies with the Winston-Salem business community;
  • Coordinate and participate in community and employer-based transportation events, fairs, and presentations to promote PART’s TDM programs and strategies;
  • Ensuring website content is accurate, current, and effectively promoting TDM programs and strategies;

Due Date:

May 18th


Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART)

107 Arrow Road

Greensboro, NC 27409


Firms with strong transportation experience includes Finn Partners and Coyne PR.

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