Profile of Pollack PR Marketing Group

Pollack PR Marketing Group

Pollack PR Marketing Group – PPMG was founded in 1985 and has offices in Los Angeles (headquarters) and New York City. They are a member of WorldCom Public Relations Group and with about 20 employees currently, they specialize in consumer products and services, B2B, professional services, and corporate PR.

As they say on their website, “PR is many things, but mostly it is about creating content and knowing how to connect effectively; it is about conversations and crafting and packaging stories designed to inform.”

They are a multi-specialty agency, and they specialize in developing communication platforms and programs, launching new products and services, managing corporate reputations, and promoting client’s brand engagement while working with clients who range from Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups.

Leadership, Clients, and Accolades

PPMG was founded by Noemi Pollack, CEO, and Stefan Pollack, President and CFO using two credit cards to pay for the rent, furnishings, and minimal necessary electronics. And as they say, the vision for what they would become was free.

One of their clients, SodaStream North America’s president, Doug Pritchard, said, “We selected PPMG because of their previous successful track record in working with health and wellness products and for their actionable go-to-market integrated approach to strategic PR and marketing services.”

Some of their other clients have included Rainbird, Sanyo, Santa Monica, VIP Surgery Centers, Sage Investment Banking, The Writer, Bob Hope USO, Gary Sinise Foundation, and Baskin Robbins.

Over the 30 years they’ve been in business, they lay claim to 150 red carpet titles, currently, leaders and employees have 14 pets, there are 3 Game of Thrones fans among them, and they have 14 coffee shops in a five-block radius – they’ve counted!

Perks and Problems

PPMG is a small enough company that they don’t have a lot of review information about employee experiences, but you can get a general idea of how much fun they have and the creativity levels from viewing their website, or the YouTube video link in the following section.

Usually, an office of 20 or less employees means less politics, more diversity of the work, as well as being able to contribute significantly to any project, even as an intern. You can usually throw some fun into the mix at any given moment. You’ll work closely with senior level specialists since that is one idea PPMG strongly stresses internally and externally – letting clients know that they have access to senior level expertise on a daily basis if they want and that such expertise will be participating on their work and campaigns at every step. So, more opportunities to work on client projects alongside those with the most understanding, allowing learning time on how to do the job better.

Getting a Job There

PPMG offers internship opportunities in both their offices, but if you are interested in other job opportunities while working for PPMG, you can check out the current openings at Or you can check out their office, their culture, and a bit of their humor at

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