Port of Pittsburgh Commission Needs Support for Public Relations Initiative

Port of Pittsburgh Commission Needs Support for Public Relations Initiative

The Port of Pittsburgh Commission is seeking proposals from design/creative agencies for support of a public relations initiative. They are seeking to refine their image to align with its current roles and activities in order to clearly announce who the Port of Pittsburgh Commission is and why it is important.

In addition, The Port of Pittsburgh Commission seeks to enhance their online presence and facilitate effortlessness in the ability of its target community members and organizations to become aware of, engage with, and take action on the Port of Pittsburgh Commission’s advocacy and funding programs, through a scalable inbound digital strategy.

Deliverables include:

  • Visual Identity Package (stationery, guidelines, potential log refinement)
  • Integrated Design with Style Guide (that addresses ‘look/feel’ of key touch-points)
  • Website Design & Development
  • Implementation Support (design/layout of items in the Style Guide)

Integrated Design and Style Guide

Integrated Design: Utilizing the approved Visual Identity System and any mandatory content parameters provided by Client, Vendor will develop a recommended high-level concept that will include visual design/styles and also preliminary messaging. Internally, the Vendor team develops conceptual sketches that will be narrowed down to Vendor’s top recommendation. Vendor will then present the top design concept family for the Integrated Design deliverable.

The Design family should include:

  1. Environmental Elements (3-4 items for signage, conference booth panels)
  2. Online Communications (social media marketing, email template, web ads, etc.)
  3. Marketing Collateral (cover + spread for fact sheet, pamphlet)
  4. Advertising (print ads)
  5. Apparel (logo shirt, hat, etc.)
  6. Launch (ideas)

Style Guide: Using the approved, Integrated Design, Vendor will design and deliver a Style Guide to the Client. The Style Guide will be a PDF document and two (2) high quality color outputs that illustrates the key elements of the toolkit (design, messaging, hierarchy, etc.) with supporting language about how to use (or not use) these elements. The Style Guide will contain mock-ups to illustrate intended usage, but not contain any production-ready templates or source files for those mock-ups.

Components of the Style Guide should include the following: Probable components to be addressed in the Style Guide include:

  • “Voice” or identity
  • Style Architecture and Relationship
  • Identity Guideline
  • System of Elements & Usage
  • Element Specific Applications

Corporate Identity Package

Identity System/Logo Refinement: Vendor will provide concept, design, layout and project management for a new Identity System/Logo for Client. It is anticipated that the Identity System/Logo will be used in all marketing communications. The new Identity System/Logo should convey a look and feel that best reflects the organization’s value proposition, mission and personality.

Stationery System for Port of Pittsburgh Commission: Vendor will design and deliver a stationery system that includes letterhead, second sheet, envelope, mailing label, sticker and business cards.

Basic Usage Guidelines for Port of Pittsburgh Commission: Using the approved Identity System/Logo (above), Vendor will design and deliver basic usage guidelines.

Website Design & Development

Vendor will deliver a fully functional website for Client with a content management system installed on 3rd party hosting environment. Client shall provide Vendor with all mandatory content (text, photos, charts, images, trademarks) for the site, unless the Client commissions Vendor to assist with such content generation, copywriting, editing, etc. Vendor shall provide design and graphics (not including photos) for the website.

Vendor’s website design and development process will include the following: Detailed site map architecture, wireframes, graphic design, user interface, all graphic production, programming and development, testing/debugging, quality control, training and project management.

Proposal due by Tuesday, August 9th to:

Port of Pittsburgh Commission
4955 Steubenville Pike Suite 245A
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

PR firms in Pittsburgh include Ketchum PR, Havas PR & Brownstein Group.

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