PR News From MWWPR, Zeno Group & Allison & Partners

PR News From MWWPR, Zeno Group & Allison & Partners

It’s been a busy period for the PR sector, with new growth and partnerships emerging across the globe. Here are some recent public relations news updates:

MWWPR Launches Entertainment and Sports Practice

MWWPR recently announced their new entertainment and sports sector lead by former Catalyst executives Andrew Garson and Joe Flores. The practice launch will be pushed by MWW president Bret Werner, who believes that he will see great success by connecting with execs that he’s already worked with for more than a decade. Werner, who already has a background in entertainment and sports already hired Garson and Flores at Catalyst – and worked with them before that too.

Zeno Group Appoints CEO for APAC

The Zeno Group PR company appointed Margaret Key to the position of Chief Executive Officer for the Asia Pacific region. Key will join other experts in the Zeno global leadership team to oversee an emerging staff of more than 135 professionals across Australia, India and APAC.

Godiva Gives Global Corporate PR Remit to H&K Strategies

Luxury company Godiva recently handed their PR strategy to Hill+Knowlton Strategies. With their new global project, this will be the first time Godiva has ever hired an agent for worldwide responsibilities. Godiva has also simultaneously delivered global ad business to the McCann company. These new partnerships come following a competitive review designed to improve the company’s image.

As the business expands as a lifestyle brand across the globe, the agency partnerships are a fantastic step forward for Godiva, which has traditional partnered with regional organizations like MBooth in North America.

Edelman Takes Over from Ketchum as H&R Block Agency

Leading company in the world of tax preparation, H&R Block recently signed Edelman as their new PR agency amid a company revamp defined by a series of financial blows. Edelman originally took to the role on the first of June according to agency representatives. H&R Block chose the company thanks to their competitive pitch.

H&R Block’s new relationship with Edelman will put an end to their connection with Ketchum – a company the brand has worked alongside for more than 10 years. Ketchum has also seen other losses this year – when it lost its connection with IBM after 17 years working as a lead agency for the tech brand.

Allison+Partners Hires Barbara Laidlaw

On June 20th, 2018, Allison+Partners welcomed Barbara Laidlow as their MD of risk and global reputation. Laidlow began her new role on the 11th of June reporting to the global president of Europe Matthew Della Croce. David Mclean Marriott previously led crisis work in the US for Allison+Partners before he passed away this April.

In her new role, Laidlow will be responsible for overseeing the growth of the agency through issues of crisis, management and risk mitigation. The global role is the first to be created to handle risk and advisory for the firm.

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