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Generating Attention From Press Releases

To generate more attention from a press release, there are a few things that every company needs to do when creating its press release, as well as distributing it. Language Most companies find it...

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Distributing Press Releases

Press releases are a core tool of any public relations effort. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine a company announcing any sort of update or a new story without distributing at least a single...

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Morning Brew, a free daily newsletter designed for young business professionals that takes five minutes or less to read, officially announced this week that its subscriber base has hit one million people. The company was...

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Why Nonprofits Need Press Releases

Newspapers may be going out of business, but the online news site continues to draw traffic in droves. This is the main reason that press releases relating to nonprofit work are as relevant as ever. Since the press release, like the news, can be posted online, they not only draw media attention but also attract potential donors and volunteers to the nonprofit’s website. By having press releases out there for general consumption, you may even draw general reader attention to your cause, gaining new and valuable supporters.