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HOW TO: Use Press Releases for Local Marketing

The traditional press release has played an active role in business advertising for hundreds of years, serving as a simple way to deliver news about products and services to the people who need it. While the internet and its limitless possibilities have broadened the range of available tools, marketing new ideas to local target audiences […]

WidePR, Free Press Release Submission and Distribution Service

WidePR everything-pr

A new service to submit and distribute press releases has just emerged in a quite crowded part of the online world., the latest site offering this type of service to PR professionals and businesses, describes itself as a “state-of-the-art SEO environment that promotes and distributes business news for free”.

Unbelievable: Journalists Like Press Releases

Journalists Like Press Releases everything-pr

While the communications landscape has become increasingly complex, journalists continue to rely on PR professionals to address the basics of news gathering in the content they produce. Communicators that overlook this essential need do so at their peril