How To Promote A New Press Release

How To Promote A New Press Release

While press releases might not be the most exciting or novel form of marketing available today, they’re still one of the most effective. Used correctly, a press release can build a company’s credibility, develop connections between a brand and respected industry publications, and drive more customers towards an emerging organization.

One of the biggest problems that companies face when it comes to getting the most out of the press release is that they publish their content, and then forget all about it. While a PR campaign does have the power to attract significant amounts of positive media attention, these strategies need plenty of promotion if they’re going to deliver long-lasting and lucrative results. Here are just three ways that modern brands can take advantage of their digital marketing know-how to positively promote a press release.

1. Start Link-Building Straight Away

Press releases are a great way for companies to push customer attention back to their brand and website. However, if people aren’t reading that press release, then the company won’t see any results. Once a story begins to spread through the media grapevine, it’s crucial for organizations to take advantage of the short-term traction, to boost more attention to their domain authority.

There are plenty of ways that businesses can begin building links, from asking to publish guest posts on industry blogs, to sharing links to their press release and website on social media and other channels. The more links going back to the release, and the company, the better the brand’s SEO and online presence will be.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media and PR go together perfectly. From the moment a new press release hits the digital newsstands, companies should be asking the journalists involved with that content to share the information on their social media channels. This simultaneously builds extra links for the company’s website and generates extra attention for the content.

Companies can draw attention to their press content on social media with shout-outs, mentions and even branded hashtags. Remember to encourage as many influencers and other followers online to take the same measures to help the message go as far as possible.

3. Write a Company Blog Post

Finally, if a PR campaign turns out to be a hit, most companies should see an increase in visitors coming to their website. It’s important to capitalize on this traffic by writing a blog post that details some of the same information revealed in the press release. This helps to give extra credibility to the news story, and it can also be a great way to give possible customers more information about the company and the services it provides.

When possible, businesses should look for ways to include extra bits of exclusive information in their blog post that generates more attention from their consumer base. This helps to ensure that the business isn’t just re-hashing the same information. A few quotes from business leaders can be enough to keep the content interesting and fresh.

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