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MWWPR Adds Tech Companies

MWW has been having a good couple of months as they add to their tech client roster with companies such as Qualpay, RetailMeNot, Inc., Arccos Golf, Therachat, and Unison Home Ownership Investors. These additions come quickly after Karen Clyne became the US tech practice lead and GM for their San Francisco office. The firm has increased capacity and experience in corporate communications, travel and tourism, lifestyle, and reputation management as well under her leadership.

Nic Jarvis Leaves Edelman to Form Jarvis Counsel

Nic Jarvis has been with Edelman since late 2007 and most recently served as the group director for corporate and public affairs. But it’s time for him to go out on his own, so he just founded Jarvis Counsel As he said, he’s moving from the largest PR agency to one of the smallest. Jarvis plans to specialize in public affairs, mergers and acquisitions, and issues and crisis management.

He talked more about the move, saying: “You might say why would you leave a firm like Edelman with a good salary? The fact is, you’ve got to reinvent yourself and see where it goes. What clients want, especially at the very senior level in today’s disrupted world, is they want people who have long-term experience and are going to be available to them when they need it.”

MHP Communications Opens Singapore Office

MHP Communications has been gaining more clients in Southeast Asia, so they’ve now opened a Singapore office with Kelly Johnston as the general manager. Johnston hails from New Zealand and began her career as a journalist before shifting to a PR post with Bell Pottinger in London. Other past employers include PPR (Sydney) and BBS in Singapore. MHP has also been expanding in other global regions including Europe and the US during the summer of 2016. The US expansion in New York was through a partnership agreement with Dukas Linden. They also have offices in Germany and Brussels.

It’s Official – There’s no more KCSA Family of Founding Members in the Investor Relations Agency

The buyout of the last family member from the original founders in the 48-year-old firm is no longer with the firm. Instead, Jon Corbin is now leading APPrise, a start-up that was begun in KCSA under the name of theIRapp. There are three remaining partners with the company, but it was an easy transition since all three have been a vital part of the agency for years, and non-family partners have been part of the firm for 10 years. The senior of the three, Todd Fromer, started with KCSA 21 years ago. The other two partners are Jeffrey Goldberger and Lewis Goldberg. The transition actually happened in 2015, but can now be made public knowledge.They’ve used the transition time to also decide what changes they wanted to make in what Fromer said was “knee-deep in investor relations, public relations, and social media.”

CEO of Star Bridge Talks About Being Your Own Best PR Pro for Start-Ups

It won’t be easy, but there is much you can learn along the way, and until you have the funds to afford an agency that can tell your story better than you, and you have enough income to make it worth hiring someone else, here are some pointers shared by Robert Morse. Speaking of telling your story, make sure you do it with the same passion and drive that keeps you working long hours and sharing your enthusiasm with others. Talk about it to everyone you meet, family, friends, people standing in line waiting for their coffee order too.

While you are talking about your business, pay attention to how what you say is received. If people become desperate to get away, you need more work on your pitch. As that ability improves, you’ll draw more people to your business, and it will also give you an edge when you present to others in the business world. When you get to the point that it is more feasible to bring in a PR expert, having done it yourself will help you find the perfect fit quicker. But until then, just keep working on your skills and contacts with journalists and the media.

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