Ruder Finn Expands RFI Studios to China and San Francisco

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Ruder Finn is expanding its full-service digital shop, RFI Studios, to China and San Francisco. The branch in China will be called RFI Studios China, while the San Francisco base gets the name RFI Studios West. Both build upon Ruder Finn’s expertise in these regions and will provide a full range of digital communication services (strategy, design and production, content marketing, community management, online reputation management, research and analytics, etc.) tailored to these markets.

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RFI Studios China will be led by will be led by Roland Wei, director, RFI Studios China, and will mainly deal with luxury and healthcare clients, helping them enhance their positioning in a competitive market, while gaining understanding of the cultural particularities of their local customers. RFI Studios China will provide specialized offerings in health education and prevention programs, digital customer relationship management (CRM) and mobile health.

RFI Studios West will be led by Stephen Downs, Managing Director, and will focus on several areas of expertise including technology, innovation, healthcare, corporate and consumer brands. Downs will work with Dushka Zapata, Managing Director, Ruder Finn West, to continue to bolster an integrated digital and communications team across the West coast. As previously noted, the agency will be based in San Francisco.

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