Firebird International Launches Russia and CIS PR Services

Firebird International today launched new PR consulting service operations in Boston and New York to help media and tech businesses from start-ups to conglomerates, who seek to do business in Russia; Eastern Europe and the CIS.

firebird international

Launched January 2013, Firebird International already has several consultants with years of experience in working with media and tech companies expanding into Russia and the CIS. The company will work with US and foreign investors seeking to gain access to the brightest and most marketable companies that wish to expand their operations to this part of the world. There is also a Firebird SEED program promising to invest $50,000.00 monthly in three start-up companies meeting several criteria.

The company was founded by Matthew Goldstein, a graduaate of Columbia University and a J. William Fulbright Sholar on post-Soviet youth political mobilization and popular culture. He specializes in the direct sale of content and technology licensing to regional firms, and has worked for over 15 years in this field as an agent, performing huge deals for major companies, like Fox, National Geographic, Disney, MTV, and Nickolodean.

Firebird International already has high ambitions, hoping to become known as one of the most efficient, affordable, dedicated and trustworthy partner in the market. The company offers services to companies of all sizes and all budgets that are desiring to do business in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe. The market is growing exponentially, and is already expected that Russia will become the third largest consumer of content in the world by 2015.

There is a huge opportunity for international businesses to expand in this region, but many shy away, not knowing the market. Firebird hopes to change this state of affairs, by advising its clients and actively participating to help in performing necessary business development and helping to initiate long-term partnerships. The company will also work with clients to help them garner licenses, patents and intellectual property quickly, with significantly less legal expense. This will help business owners avoid spending money and time that they do not have to overcome regional bureaucracy and prevent it from inhibiting sales processes.

Another important division of the company, the Firebird ENS division, run by Vice President and security technologies expert Sergei Yakovlev, will work with companies producing energy, nano, and security-related technologies, which are all in high demand in Russia at the moment:

“Right now, the government of Russia is the primary investor in energies, securities and nano,” he explained in an official press communique. “We will accept clients based on merit and marketability alone and allow private investors and partners whom we work with equal access to develop relationships with these companies, hoping to make the markets more accessible and equitable.”

Firebird will also offer political and market risk analysis, qualitative and quantitative market research, marketing adaptation and translation, content dubbing and closed-captioning, localized HR and corporate training, local partner network building, government relationship building and management, integration of local payment systems, localized PR, creation of local R&D programs, merchandising, co-branding, and events’ support, as well as additional legal and real estate services.

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