Integrates with MailChimp, Announces Curated Newsletter Functionality, the famous content curation publishing platform for professionals and businesses, announced today the availability of one of the most requested by users features: curated newsletter functionality. Relevant and engaging newsletter campaigns can now be easily created as integrates with well known and appreciated MailChimp.


“Most businesses and professionals struggle to simply create one relevant newsletter per month,” said Guillaume Decugis, CEO and co-founder of “Add newsletter design, copywriting, copyediting, and form editing to this and professionals are met with the very challenging problem of a time and resource-intensive process. Curating and publishing engaging content is a solution that offers a way to enrich newsletters in an efficient and impactful way.”

This integration brings benefits to all users, as those who use can now their curated content directly to customers, prospects or key influencer contacts using their MailChimp mailing lists. On the other hand, MailChimp users can now access the search and social discovery functionality built into the platform.

“We know that creating successful email campaigns is all about delivering quality content,” said Neil Bainton, COO of MailChimp. “But that can be difficult for many small businesses, which are pressed for time as it is. is a tool that helps users easily find and curate this quality content. We are excited that’s integration with MailChimp offers our users an easy way to pull together interesting and valuable content for their email campaigns.”

“MailChimp brilliantly simplifies the complexities that used to be involved in creating and managing email campaigns, making it an ideal partner for us,” added Decugis.

This new integration feature is available as part of the free version which can be used with the “forever free” plan from MailChimp. Users therefore can take advantage of the curated newsletter functionality for free, or they can use this feature in their paid subscriptions.

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