Scotts Bluff County Public Transit Seeks Marketing Firm

Scotts Bluffs County Public Transit will accept proposals to provide marketing services including,:

  1. Development of advertising campaigns
  2. Graphic design of collateral materials (i.e. brochures, route maps, schedules, ride guide, bus wraps, bus passes, stop signage, graphics, letterhead, etc.)
  3. Public relations assistance, as needed
  4. Design and execution of marketing strategies for the new flex route service, which may include webpage design information, interactive displays, etc.

Scope of Work:

  1. Overview of Required Services.

The consultant firm must be able to provide consultation/expertise in the following areas:

  • Creative design services
  • Production of broadcast media in promotion of the new flex route service
  • Public relations services
  • Copywriting
  • Development, production, and print of public information relative to public transit in the Scottsbluff region (i.e. brochures, route maps, schedules, ride guide, bus wraps, bus passes, stop signage, graphics, letterhead, etc.)
  • Web page design content
  • Social media strategy/digital marketing
  • Measure of effectiveness

Scotts Bluff County Public Transit held a community contest this past Summer 2017 to solicit names, logos, and designs for the new flexible route service. The proposed name of the new service is Tri‐city Roadrunner. The colors of the system will be blue, white, with an accent of orange. The name, final design, and colors are currently being finalized and will be available to the awarded consultant team. The final logo, name, and design will be incorporated into any new design materials developed by the awarded consultant team.

The existing fleet of nine vehicles range from 2006 Chevrolet Express Van to 2015 Dodge Caravan, with a variety of models in use. The marketing services consultant will develop a variety of marketing/designs, in coordination with the proposed logo and name, for each of the eight vehicle types. The images should be similar in theme for continuity of the transit agency and services and will be approved by the transit agency.

  1. Primary Objectives.

  • To promote the advancement of public transit service in the Scotts Bluff region, specifically with the new flexible route service, beginning in January 2018.
  • To increase transit ridership.
  • To increase awareness of transit services among the general public and targeted audiences.
  • To build and maintain positive relationships with riders, citizens, community partners, news media, etc.
  1. Suggested Scope of Work. Knowing and understanding the above summary, the proposer is asked to use the following scope as a base from which to develop its strategy for systematic, cost‐ effective, and efficient implementation of the project. All work and resulting work elements associated with this contract shall be the property of the transit agency.
  • Task 1 – Program Management. This task includes progress meetings with Scotts Bluff County Public Transit staff and invoicing (monthly) with progress reports. At the onset of the project, more frequent meetings will occur to ensure coordination of all elements of the new flex route service are in sync. Communication methods may include phone calls, email correspondence, and participation in meetings. Specific examples of work tasks are discussed in Task 2 below. The transit agency anticipates the consultant perform, but not limited to:

o          Graphic specifications

o          Strategic planning of all activities related to marketing

o          Creation of project estimates for specific services

o          Preparation of production‐ready services, as required.

Scotts Bluff County Public Transit will:

o          Oversee, review, and approve all marketing materials, program, and project work.

o          Outline project needs, timeline, budget, and staff role for project work.

o          Provide source material, as available, for project work and be responsive to the consultant’s defined deadlines, proof checks, or other contractor needs.

o          Provide specific work tasks or documents for work activities or projects awarded under this contract.

o          Provide all existing marketing materials, though limited and not recent.

  • Task 2 – Product Development, Implementation, and Schedule.

The consultant for Scotts Bluff County Public Transit may be asked to assist with addressing the following marketing opportunities:

  • Production of collateral materials both printed and electronic to support a number of new or ongoing campaigns for the agency, including but not limited to:

o          Development of taglines and assistance with copywriting for new or ongoing campaigns.

o          Promotion of transit service in the area.

o          Promotion of new service and technologies ‐ including its benefits, advantages and funding source

o          Educational campaigns for students, employers, human service agencies, etc. promotion and development of brochures, press releases, presentations, etc. Support community outreach efforts through attendance and participation in concert with transit staff, which may include preparation for public presentations, including written materials, presentations, or displays

o          Transit agency office materials, bus stop signage, on‐street bus stop information, and any future kiosk displays

o          Vehicle graphic design for paint and/or vinyl applications for buses, vans, and other fleet vehicles

o          Information and advertisements for digital, audio, and print media, which may include video productions for transit promotion of the new service, script, and post production. Develop script, photography, and/or videography

o          Assistance with social media and mobile applications, as applicable, to enhance marketing of the new service and ongoing transit services

o          Graphics and transit fare materials (i.e. bus passes, stickers, etc.)

o          Development of materials for community events and ongoing transit marketing, which may include video and/or photography in a mutually agreed upon format compatible with internet player software, with the ability to be posted and played on local websites, ability to stream on YouTube, ability to be played in a DVD player, etc.

  • Development of a transit agency style guide to coordinate the look, voice, and image for all Scotts Bluff County Public Transit services and materials

Due Date:

September 21, 2017


Scotts Bluff County Public Transit
1825 10th Street
Gering, NE 69341
Firms with strong transportation experience include Ketchum PR and Burson-Marsteller.

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