Sequim, Washington Seeks Public Relations Agency

Sequim, Washington Seeks Public Relations Agency

The Prairie Street Extension and Rehabilitation project is an important new project for the City of Sequim that will establish a vital and safe new vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle corridor between the two Economic Opportunity Areas (EOA’s) that anchor the City’s east and west ends. The corridor will provide connectivity and relieve other City streets from undue stress and traffic, as well as bolster economic development opportunities in the City’s existing undeveloped or underdeveloped EOA’s. An equally major component of this project is the revitalization of an established neighborhood of Sequim through aesthetically pleasing and updated design principles to enhance the neighborhood and City’s quality of life and livability.


The mission of the City of Sequim is to provide quality, cost effective services and facilities to build an exceptional community and a great place to live. The Department of Community Development provides a broad and diverse range of services to the community, ranging from everyday needs such as animal control to managing the community’s planning activities that determine Sequim’s long-term growth and development. Whether the topic is neighborhood character, economic development, environmental preservation, housing, efficient means of moving about, or just about any other aspect of the community’s development and activity, the Department of Community Development likely has some degree of responsibility.

Scope of Work:

The selected consultant will supplement services performed by the City’s Public Works Department and Department of Community Development staff. The public outreach consultant will be capable of developing and executing a Public Outreach Plan for the Prairie Street Extension and Rehabilitation project that will result in a project where public notification has been comprehensive, public input has been duly heard and considered, and design decisions have been communicated in a clear and timely manner. The Public Outreach Plan must be designed to integrate, to the maximum extent possible, into the project schedule and should meet the requirements for the City of Sequim’s permitting and SEPA processes.

The consultant should have experience in providing the following services:

  • Development of a Public Outreach Plan specific to a major Public Works project
  • Plan, conduct and recordation of public meetings, both informational and mandatory
  • Collection of public comment and input
  • Compilation, analysis and reporting of public comments and input
  • Design and distribution of informational materials including but not limited to door hangers, posters, flyers and handouts. Designs for such materials shall be pleasing to the eye, effectively communicative but economical as is appropriate for a municipal entity
  • Dissemination of information using electronic media, social networking sites and traditional media via press releases (radio, television, newspapers) and at community events, professional or civic group meetings and other similar gatherings.

Due Date:

September 17th


Allison Partners has a Seattle office.

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