Tracx Social Leads Shows the True Sales ROI of Social Conversations

Tracx improves its suite of social intelligence tools for the enterprise with, Social Leads, a tool that ties sales directly to social conversations, showing marketers the true sales ROI of social media, and enabling them to identify and engage the people who are actively involved in the buying process.

tracx Social Leads

Social Leads was designed to help marketing and sales teams can target communication strategies to where people are in the buying cycle, reducing time to purchase and time to revenue. The dashboard shows conversations from the main social networks, as well as Amazon and eBay, plus a set of various forums, and organizes these conversations based on brand or product awareness, active product research (for example people on social networks who are asking questions about products), opinions, intent to purchase and those who have already bought one or more products, and became loyal customers.

More than organizing data on specific categories within the buying process, the dashboard also shows what product is driving the most leads on social networks, as well as where their the social leads are coming from, geographically. Last but not least, Social Leads compares how each lead relates with the competition.

Main benefits of Social Leads for marketers include:

  • A real-time lead pipeline, by automatically filtering through all real time conversations on social networks to enable enterprises to rapidly find prospects in an active buying phase.
  • Increase marketing program impact by tailoring marketing and sales programs — in real-time — to exactly where people are in the buying process.
  • Optimize ad spend by better understanding audiences through social: demographics, location, their intent and those influencers that can actually impact prospect buying behavior.
  • Show revenue impact of social program investments by tracking sales leads that originated in social conversations.
  • Empower sales teams with real-time prospect knowledge through integration of existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems; tracking and leverage of existing enterprise workflows

Tracx Social Leads is available worldwide in all English-speaking markets.

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