New Reputation Monitoring Service Launched – SMR by Yomego


There are so many reputation monitoring tools and services online, that choosing one becomes a daunting task. But the market needs more, because the consumers like to be able to choose one that not only fits their needs, but is also comfortable to use, visually appealing, and so on. We don’t know how My Social Media Reputation is to use, but one thing is sure: it is visually appealing.

My Social Media Reputation is a newcomer in this industry – a service recently launched by social media agency Yomego. The service tracks what’s being said about a brand, and by whom, across 29,000 social media channels, measuring data including the number of people exposed to messages about the brand and the level of positive or negative sentiment.

The thing that differentiates My Social Media Reputation from other SMR platforms, is the real human input. A team of Yomego SMR specialists analyze your data, then provide insight and practical recommendations to boost reach and improve a brand’s reputation. My Social Media Reputation will even provide live alerts if a reputation score takes a sudden dip, and highlight its source.

“The problem with most social media measurement tools is that they swamp you with data, but don’t give you any sort of insight into what that data means. We’ve developed the SMR service to help brands get some control back of their reputation online, and also to alert them to any unexpected activity that they may need to act on, quickly,” said Steve Richards, MD of Yomego, in a press statement.

Yomego’s SMR service shows real-time statistics on a brand’s social media performance, including: reach; satisfaction; noise level; details of influential authors; the most common keywords associated with the brand; country; and mentions by platform. It also measures the social media reputation against that of a brand’s nearest competitors. We have requested to be allowed to test the service, to review it for you. Hopefully, we will receive a positive answer.

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