South Carolina City Issues PR RFP

South Carolina City Issues PR RFP

Richland County, South Carolina has issued an RFP for a new PR firm.

The County is located in the center of South Carolina and covers a total area of 756 square miles.  The County surrounds the state capital city of Columbia, which is also the County seat. Established in 1785, the County has grown to become home to just over 407,051 residents, and represents a thriving business, industrial, governmental, and educational center. The County employs approximately 1765 people and operates a general fund budget in excess of $100 million dollars. Ranked consistently as one of the fastest growing areas in the State, Richland County and Columbia possess a virtually recession-proof economy.


With a public relations Consultant, the County seeks to generate and grow the travel and tourism industry as well as economic development by capitalizing on media exposure and industry outreach for the benefit of the County. Public relations activities could include promoting community and local events throughout the year, as well as high-impact marketing activities to promote brand awareness for the “Uniquely Urban…Uniquely Rural” and “Move to Excellence” efforts.

The County requires that the Consultant have experience in managing public relations in a public sector milieu in coordination and at the direction, for this engagement, with and of Richland County’s Public Information Office:

  • Arrange for an aggressive media outreach, story development, and placement through extensive media contacts.
  • Facilitate a broad, wide-ranging attitudinal survey of the County’s residents.
  • Communicate with residents, stakeholders, and partners to generate buzz and exposure that Richland County will “Move to Excellence” within and outside the organization.
  • Create updated press kits and fulfill media inquiries as appropriate through the PIO.
  • Assist PIO with County Council functions, various community meetings, and event planning.
  • Target various media outlets and securing press across traditional and emerging media platforms.
  • Influence local media to increase positive presence on news, local lifestyle shows, and feature segments highlighting the County’s motto of “Uniquely Urban…Uniquely Rural” and monitor the narrative that is being told recommending any necessary adjustments to gain more traction in a specific travel sector or line of interest, for example, sports events, conferences, conventions, etc.
  • Arrange and coordinate trips with the PIO and the Economic Development Department for visiting economic developers and journalists as well as travel trade professionals to promote the proposed Lower Richland Tourism Plan and other areas to increase tourism.
  • Provide marketing support and promotional opportunities.
  • Handle unforeseen contingencies requiring crisis management, in conjunction with the County’s Public Information Office and the County Administrator’s Office.
  • Be highly responsive and conscientious, work willingly with the PIO, and commit Consultant’s top level management and talent to the County’s account.
  • Be willing to recognize and utilize the in-house PIO team to ensure that all capabilities are maximized.
  • Develop a marketing campaign to attract a talented workforce willing to embrace the “Move to Excellence” culture within Richland County government.
  • Leverage the County’s pro-business climate to attract and retain intellect, diverse and highly skilled workforce, younger generations, and quality businesses and jobs.
  • Conduct an inventory of sites in the unincorporated areas of the County that may be promoted as tourist attractions and provide economic development opportunities to small business owners.

Proposal due by March 23 to:
Richland County Government
Office of Procurement and Contracting
2020 Hampton Street, Suite 3064 (Third Floor) Columbia, SC 29204-1002
Attn:  Brittany Flake

Lou Hammond Group has a strong office in South Carolina.

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