The State of Nevada, on behalf of its Department of Public Safety (DPS), is seeking a single agency to manage its statewide advertising and marketing. T


In 2010, the Nevada Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) adopted a Zero Fatalities goal. This goal is consistent with the national Toward Zero Deaths strategy sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). This RFP is for the continued implementation of the Zero Fatalities campaign. The successful proposer shall continue developing a marketing plan, designing and producing media materials, and developing educational materials for the strategies derived from the SHSP Critical Emphasis Areas (CEA), and the other priority program areas identified by Department through the State of Nevada Highway Safety Plan (HSP) and the Nevada Highway Patrol’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Plan (CVSP).

Although this is the main focal point of the solicitation, the Department will require other marketing campaigns, including recruitment campaigns, throughout the term of the contract. The primary Division using these services include, but are not limited to: Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), Nevada Highway Patrol – Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) and the Director’s Office (DO).

Scope of Work:

The awarded vendor will be responsible for providing marketing services, creative services, private sector partnership programs, media planning and placement services. The vendor may also be required to handle advertisement and collateral production, research, surveys and direct marketing on a project basis. All creative materials prepared for this account shall become the property of the State of Nevada. All materials shall be provided to DPS upon completion in their final format, including layered files and links.

The awarded vendor will work directly with DPS Division staff to plan, implement and execute all projects. Each Division will work independently with the awarded vendor for each campaign. The awarded vendor will provide timely written documentation of all conversations, telephone calls, and meetings to confirm information discussed as requested.

The awarded vendor will be expected to provide the Division with a quote and statement of work (including all anticipated time and costs) for each project. The quote shall include the following criteria:

  • A listing of the project team, including all members working on the project and their roles and responsibilities;
  • A task plan listing clear milestones. Hourly billing rates of each resource assigned to the engagement team and the number of projected hours per task;
  • Costs for media placements;
  • Costs for any outsourced services;
  • A listing of key deliverables (e.g. campaign briefs, media plans, creative, metrics); and
  • A timeline for execution of the project/campaign.

Current anticipated campaigns and deliverables include the following:


The successful proposer must develop an effective marketing strategy, and include but not limited to the following tasks.


  • Manage and maintain a dynamic web presence through and/or other websites as required, such as;
  • Web hosting;
  • Secure local servers;
  • Website maintenance, postings, analytics, and updates as needed to keep content current and to provide site visitors with the latest information; and
  • Deliverables: Include website hosting and site updates or edits as approved by the Department.


  • Conduct advertising and marketing efforts for the various campaigns statewide;
  • Develop applicable advertising messages for statewide campaign with emphasis on road users’ behavioral aspect;
  • Develop advertising and media campaigns which include but are not limited to (by campaign event) the use of television, radio, outdoor, digital, and social media targeting impaired driving, occupant protection, lane departure safety, pedestrian safety, intersection safety, and motorcycle safety and
  • Deliverables: Include optimization and distribution of spots to media partners, stock photography for creation, printing, and installation of all outdoor media, pooling of funding for previous spot talent renewals, digital resizes of outdoor media for all billboards, animated and static banners with each new set, serving/managing banners from ad server, static text ads for all campaigns,  printing  for posters or signs (as needed), and mass media messages and running paid media.


  • Through the use of social media, educate, engage and inform Nevadans of the Zero Fatalities goals and objectives, for the purpose of increasing overall awareness. Include other priority areas as identified by DPS;
  • With the oversight from the Zero Fatalities strategy team, develop and disseminate compelling content for social media channels that messages targeted individuals on the six (6) Critical Emphasis Areas (CEA and other traffic-safety topics. Link into partner events and themes where appropriate in order to leverage and strengthen reach and voice on messages where appropriate (e.g., National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), etc.). Monitor overall social media traffic safety channels and messages. Respond to comments and questions within two (2) businesses days. Regularly review other channels and pages for ideas, trends and opportunities to tie in the Zero Fatalities program. Share appropriate citizen comments and cross promote other traffic safety messages;
  • Using a strategic planning framework, incorporate social media strategies throughout the Zero Fatalities program; monitor and measure ongoing social media campaigns to evaluate and implement changes to improve campaigns when needed. Identify new opportunities and tools; guide course of social media’s role in the campaign;
  • Develop campaign-specific graphics, images and assets to use for  the content calendar and on social media channels. Include the time for creative development and budget for outside purchases;
  • Prepare media budgets to run Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories on Facebook and Twitter, boosting the reach of posts to supporters and non-supporters, resulting in higher engagement and growth in those supporting the program goals and objectives; and
  • Deliverables: Comprehensive and ever growing social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Also includes graphics, images and other assets that will be posted to social media channels.


  • Expand the reach and effectiveness of the Zero Fatalities program through one-on-one and group interactions, and educational programs;
  • Proactively plan, solicit, staff and conduct statewide grassroots outreach activities, and sponsorships including, but not limited to school events, public service organizations, businesses, sporting events, community events, and other educational outreach outlets the DPS deems appropriate;
  • Create  and  sustain  a  focus  on  Spanish  speaking  populations, by providing translation of presentation and handout materials and supporting community events with Hispanic attendees;
  • Create and procure items that are designed to drive stakeholder engagement, preserve top-of-mind awareness and strengthen the Zero Fatalities brand; and
  • Deliverables: Monthly report of outreach events attended, and upcoming activities and opportunities.


  • Utilize, solicit, and coordinate numerous partnerships and sponsorships that provide opportunities to expand the reach and effectiveness of the Zero Fatalities program to a larger population;
  • Maintain existing and solicit new professional opportunities to sponsor community based events activities in order to gain a  stronger Zero Fatalities presence among target audiences;
  • Provide strategic support for partnerships and sponsorships on  behalf of Zero Fatalities, for the purpose of aligning our messages with other audiences supporting the cause of public roadway safety;
  • Provide professional services to partnerships and sponsorships deemed necessary by these parties. Professional services may include design, programming, scripting, etc.;
  • Regularly coordinate with and follow-up with partners to cultivate relationships;
  • Partnerships include relationships with organizations such as RTC, Universities, Reno Aces, etc.; and
  • Deliverables: Monthly report detailing the Zero Fatalities brand exposure at community or professional organizations as requested and approved by DPS.


  • Assess the progress and effectiveness of the Zero Fatalities program and campaign messages, Nevada traffic safety initiatives and public opinion on traffic safety road users’ behaviors through the means of primary analysis and observation. Assessment may include qualitative and quantitative survey methods such as phone surveys, online surveys, panel discussions, and focus groups;
  • Utilize unbiased third-party research firm to conduct focus groups for campaign-specific messages, which may include pre- and post- campaign testing;
  • Consider utilizing the services of a third-party research firm to conduct public opinion polling via phone surveys;
  • Annual public opinion phone surveys will build upon the previous Zero Fatalities phone survey instrument in order to continue benchmarking the progress of the Zero Fatalities program and messages with consistency;
  • Focus group frequency and participation will be determined by the target audience and demographics of specific campaign;
  • Design, develop, and produce documents and supporting materials such as fact sheets and flyers, logos, reports, presentations, etc.; and
  • Deliverables: Survey instruments such as phone survey questionnaire, focus group questionnaire and discussion guide. Also includes survey results in a tabulated report or presentation format.


  • Expand the Department Zero Fatalities Ambassador Training to a certification program, providing safety partners an opportunity to receive updated training and information to Zero Fatalities messaging and communication;
  • Coordinate with new and existing partners to help them become certified in Zero Fatalities messages and communication methods;
  • Conduct regular training throughout the state, using Department- approved methods and materials. Those completing the training will receive certificates, awards, and other incentives, at the Department’s discretion;
  • Provide professional services that coincide with the training. Professional services may include public relations, communication, design, programming, and scripting; and
  • Deliverables: Monthly report detailing training progress, organizational involvement, and number of certifications. Also, compilation of organizations that have completed the training and are “Certified Zero.”

In addition to services provided to the Zero Fatalities campaign, DPS may seek additional marketing and advertising needs, including all Divisions within the DPS. The DPS Director’s Office and Nevada Highway Patrol’s Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) are two of the Divisions that have additional marketing and advertising needs. Anticipated work includes but is not limited to the following services.


The DPS Director’s Office supports the missions and goals of the Department of Public Safety. A priority for the DPS Director’s Office is to continuously recruit new public safety officers and personnel. The DPS Director’s Office seeks an advertising agency to offer the following, but not limited to, services, regarding recruitment activities:

  1. Recruiting Media;
  2. Radio Ads;
  3. Billboards;
  4. Promotional Products;
  5. Pamphlets; and
  6. Social Media Outreach
  • Deliverables: Monthly outreach reports, final production media, pamphlets and fliers. Estimates will need to be provided and approved by the DPS Director’s Office prior to work commencing. All invoices should be detailed and display information, such as air times, clicks pressed for web promotion, time, materials, etc.
  • The Nevada Highway Patrol’s MCSAP unit may seek  assistance with commercial vehicle safety campaigns throughout the life of the contract. MCSAP seeks an advertising agency to offer the following, but not limited to, services:
  1. Online Banner Ads;
  2. Radio Ads;
  3. Billboards;
  4. Pump Toppers;
  5. Social Media Outreach;
  6. Media Awareness Surveys;
  7. Public Relations; and
  8. Pamphlets and Brochures.

Deliverables – Monthly outreach reports, final production media, pamphlets, materials and products. MCSAP may also seek data collection on media effectiveness. Estimates need to be provided and approved by MCSAP, prior to work commencing. All invoices should be detailed and display information, such as air times, clicks pressed for web promotion, time, materials, etc. vehicle and transit signage, and other partner agencies when requested. 

Due Date:

September 26, 2017


Heather Moon, Purchasing Officer II
State of Nevada, Purchasing Division
515 E. Musser Street, Suite 300
Carson City, NV  89701

Strong agencies for this campaign could include Ketchum PR or Edelman PR.

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