Clarke County School District Seeks Branding Agency

The Clarke County School District is a public school district in Athens, Georgia. It services Clarke County, which includes the communities of Athens, Winterville, and part of Bogart, Georgia. The Clarke County Board of Education acts on behalf of the Clarke County School District (hereinafter “CCSD” or “District”). CCSD has a student population of over 13,600 and continues to grow as the system has welcomed approximately one-hundred (100) new students for the 2017-18 school year.

The Clarke County School District (“CCSD”) is seeking proposals from Branding & Marketing agencies for work including:


1)    The consultant will conduct research to help build a strong foundation for the CCSD brand, in coordination with district leadership. The scope of work should include research of student and family population demographics, and student success rates, at CCSD as well as the collection of anecdotal data about how the district is perceived (strengths and challenges);

2)    Coordinate the dissemination of community surveys, focus groups, robocalls and other tools to gather the perspective of all stakeholders in a framework that is strategic and scientific;

3)    The consultant will analyze the data, conduct an appropriate number of meetings to understand the current market perception of CCSD, and search out the best CCSD experiences, programs and students successes in a way that will form the basis of the brand;

4)    Provide assistance in the drafting of a strategic plan that is based in the analysis of the value proposition that the district would like to create and with the intent of making the organization more strategically focused on communicating our instructional goals (organizational deliverables) to various stakeholders.


1)    The selected consultant shall work with the district to develop the key elements that make up the brand, such as the vision, positioning, identity, character, and promise. Brand credentials need to be consolidated and key branding messages established;

2)    Demonstrate an ability to collaborate and partner with other outside agencies/firms in leveraging data collected in the strategic planning process in order to develop a communication/branding campaign in CCSD;

3)    Facilitate the deliberation of the Board and administration in analyzing the data and determining organizational goals for branding and messaging;

4)    Advise the district on how we can leverage the new brand to re-introduce CCSD to our various stakeholders;

5)    Perform other duties consistent with competence in the field of brand management and organizational effectiveness as the Superintendent may require.


1)    The selected consultant must develop visuals that communicate the emotion and personality of the CCSD brand.

2)    Assist the district in developing a new logo, color palette, digital footprint and refreshing of the district’s image

3)    These visuals shall include various forms of electronic, print, and media graphics that can be deployed in the marketing strategy and used throughout the district. The design theme must be made to be transferable to the Office of the Superintendent of Schools with the creation of design templates. The core elements are listed below.

o    LOGO – A compelling logo for the Clarke County School District provided in both high res and low res formats.

o   TAGLINE(S) – A compelling tagline that describes our brand and our value proposition concisely and creatively.

o   WEB SITE FEEDBACK ALIGNMENT – The district has a web site currently, but would be interested in making sure that the look and feel of the site is aligned with the branding and look that this contract will generate. We will expect the contractor to work with district staff on the achievement of this visual alignment.

o   ELECTRONIC/PRINT DESIGN TEMPLATES – Design templates are needed for a wide variety of marketing materials that are used on a regular basis. The templates will allow the district to write content on an as-needed basis in a format that is consistent with the new branding. These templates may include a flyer on both letter and legal sized paper, a general student / family information flyer on letter sized paper, post card templates (front and back), poster templates, banner template, PowerPoint presentation design, building signage template, letterhead, catalog cover design, an annual report format, and email marketing templates. (OPTIONAL)

o   MEDIA TEMPLATES -. Templates for print and electronic ads, as well as a template for press releases. (OPTIONAL)


The consultant shall develop a marketing strategy and implementation plan that identifies efficient and cost effective avenues to target both external and internal audiences as follows.

The district is interested in advertising and communications that will reach:

Current parents and families;

  • The general public for the purpose of enhancing the perception/image/reputation of CCSD;
  • Current CCSD students and alumni, so they are aware of successes of their fellow students and promote additional interest within the district;
  • CCSD faculty and staff, for the purpose of creating pride in the institution, enhancing morale and creating good stakeholders throughout the community.


1)    Develop a schedule, timeline and plan to accomplish the scope of services herein this document and brand roll-out plan;

2)    Provide a detailed report on research/data/findings, final recommendations and an executive summary delivered in PDF format with accompanying PPT presentation;

3)    Develop comprehensive creative briefing and roadmap for creative execution;

4)    Present at least two brand concepts that will serve as potential directions for voice, look and feel of creative design;

5)    Develop and present mockups based on brand concepts (sample headlines and advertising copy, web/landing pages

Due Date

September 27, 2017 to:



Office of Purchasing & Contracts Administrative Offices – Whitehead Road Annex
500 Whitehead Road
Athens, Georgia 30606

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