Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) is seeking qualified vendors to provide proposals for Marketing and Public Relations Services for the College. The awarded team will be expected to work cooperatively with the President’s Office on the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan and to assist as needed with public relation issues.


Guilford Technical Community College offers more than 80 programs of study and continues to support success through innovative education, training and partnerships. The college offers associate degrees, diplomas and certificates as well as noncredit courses in professional development, personal enrichment, job training, career development and basic education.

As the fourth largest of 58 community colleges in the North Carolina Community College System, GTCC serves more than 40,000 students annually from its Jamestown, Greensboro, High Point, Aviation and Donald W. Cameron campuses as well as its Small Business Center in Greensboro and High Point. GTCC has seen enrollment drop significantly over the past several years therefore GTCC wishes to create a comprehensive marketing plan to reach potential students.

Scope of Work:

  • Provide creative services consistent with established brand and assist the college with continued brand development.
  • Provide measurable traditional and new media planning, negotiation, sponsorship, placement, and monitoring to meet goals.
  • Develop and recommend deliverables for a marketing campaigns. Working collaboratively to develop and/or carry out all elements of the marketing mix with the guidance of the Office of the President.
  • Professional creative planning and execution of appropriate elements of a marketing campaign including but not limited to the creation of templates for client use, creation of print and digital ads, development and distribution of press releases, development of marketing collateral such as flyers and brochures, and media planning and buying.
  • Impact evaluation of selected elements of a marketing and communication campaign including but not limited to the tracking and monitoring of strategy implementation, assessment of media strategies and creative executions, and cost-benefit analysis when possible and appropriate.
  • Vendors will be required to provide creative and media-related evaluation data in a timely manner and in a fashion that is usable and understandable by the Office of the President.
  • Because public funds will be used to support this work, potential Vendors must demonstrate the highest level of professional standards and ethics when carrying out activities.
  • Management, planning, and coordination of media and communications services. For programs that require a variety of technical services (e.g. media placement, video production, social media, etc.), GTCC may contract specifically for the management, planning and coordination of the technical work required. In such cases, Vendor must demonstrate organizational willingness and capacity to work cooperatively within a collaborative management structure.
  • Produce marketing and communications that meet the needs addressed with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Specialize in innovative digital marketing and social media strategies that generate measurable results.
  • Develop new ideas that generate results and use media to differentiate the college from its competition.
  • Demonstrate ROI through analysis of advertising performance, assessment and adjustment, and clear communication and reporting on both cost and key performance indicators.

Due Date:

April 20th, 2018.


Guilford Technical Community College Attn: Michael C. Stout

PO Box 309

Jamestown, NC 27282

Zeno Group and MWW PR should be considered for this assignment.

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