STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Invitation for Bid #: 10-IFB-10114-CC Market Research NC Wine Council

Date of Issue: May 7, 2024

Bid Opening Date: May 21, 2024 At 2:00 PM EST

Direct all inquiries concerning this IFB to:

Procurement Lead: Catherine Crews

Procurement Specialist II


[Give a brief background description of requested Goods or Services and describe how the Goods or Services fit into the using

agency’s function, or new initiatives that necessitate these services, other solutions tried in the past, etc. This section should allow

potential Vendors to judge whether they are interested in this IFB and get an idea of how the good(s) and services are utilized.

Further describe the services required using narrative or outline as appropriate. Include, as appropriate, high-level information

on tasks, schedule, deliverables, milestones, environmental or regulatory constraints, State interfaces, etc.].

The intent of this solicitation is to award an [Agency Contract, Agency Specific Contract or Statewide Term Contract (pick one)].



The Vendor shall conduct market research to provide effective campaign planning, budgeting, advertising production, advertising

placement, advertising management, public relations, media relations, and other state-wide marketing support as needed for

three years for the NCWGC. The objective of the Vendor is to Increase awareness of the NC wine industry, and its producers, by

reaching target audiences with measurable results. The specific items and any specifications that the Purchasing Agency is seeking are listed below. Items offered by the Vendor must meet or exceed the listed Specifications to be considered for award.


Vendor shall provide samples and examples of prior relevant work with its proposal response.

Vendor’s proposal shall include, in narrative, outline, and/or graph form:

– The Vendor’s detailed approach to accomplishing each of the tasks and deliverables for items 1-10 and the schedule for accomplishing each.

– The Vendor shall include a budget for each item, 1-10 that includes the allocation of dollars with detailed rationale, and tools for measurement.

1. Use gathered market research

Use market research to set strategic marketing direction, predict trends, provide measurements, and seek out emerging markets.

2. Develop a comprehensive campaign marketing plan

Develop a comprehensive and measurable campaign marketing plan using nontraditional advertising techniques paid and earned media and targeted community outreach strategies.

a) Utilize research to recommend a media mix and targeted community outreach plan that complements the goals of the NC Wine and Grape Council using non-traditional marketing techniques.

b) Pursue measurable partnership opportunities with groups such as restaurants, hotels, sports stadiums, retail wine shops, educational wine organizations, industry-specific publications, and/or other similar beverage-related organizations, in addition to groups already identified by the NC Wine and Grape Council.

c) Design earned and paid media plans that meet measurable objectives.

d) Develop plans for targeted audience outreach and ways to identify who has been reached.

e) Assist NCWGC in the development and enhancement of technology-based strategies and programs, including digital marketing. Determine appropriate and cost-effective methods for video marketing and other online media.

f) As part of the annual strategic marketing plan, develop an annual value-added program in which potential marketing and advertising partners are identified and strategies specified for generating new partnership funds or leveraging NCWGC funds to extend North Carolina’s marketing reach and frequency. The Vendor shall have primary responsibility for generating, collecting, and reporting all advertising sales.

3. Prepare a comprehensive budget

Provide comprehensive budgets for all facets of the campaign including management, research, media planning and buying, production, public relations, and other support services.

a) Develop a budget that includes all Vendor staff time to complete the tasks associated with the scope of work

b) Provide a written recommendation of allocation of dollars by media type and market, with detailed rationale, and tools for measurement

4. Produce advertising/marketing assets

Create top-quality advertisements for OTT, streaming radio, digital advertising, and email marketing.

a) Acquire all necessary artwork, scripts, and other creative materials required to produce advertisements.

b) Develop video and digital marketing materials from concept to final drafts for approval including creative content and graphic design.

5. Implement a multi-tiered state-wide media buy

Provide recommendations for media outlets, costs, schedules, expected reach, and outcomes. Upon approval, execute placement contracts secured at the best possible unit prices with maximum returns.

a) Analyze, prioritize, and recommend specific dynamic media buys across various markets in digital, streaming radio, streaming TV, etc.

b) Negotiate, contract, schedule, and implement approved media buys.

c) Select media and media placement based on research, past tracking inquiries, fulfillment, follow-through on visitors’ actions, return on investment studies, and measure advertising and creative effectiveness in expanding wine tourism and NC wine sales. Research should also consider future demographic and industry trends.

6. Monitor and manage advertising placements

Monitor all media schedules to assure placements are fulfilled and align with contract obligations and furnish monthly written result reports.

a) Provide ongoing analytics based on the performance of placed media with constantly up-to-date market research on what is the most effective way to reach our target audiences.

7. Create a measurable public relations plan

Develop new plans for targeted community outreach. Help coordinate partnerships and other direct marketing efforts.

a) Develop plans for specific targeted audience outreach, leveraging shared audience resources where applicable.

i) Wine drinkers aged 21-45 years old

ii) Wine drinkers 45 years and older

iii) Industry-specific influencers, bloggers, educators, wine travelers/tourism

b) At the direction of NCWGC and in conjunction with the strategic marketing plan, monitor the effectiveness of the marketing, communication, and advertising program.

c) Provide support as directed by NCWGC to other wine organizations in the state of North Carolina through the development and execution of initiatives such as co-op advertising programs.

d) Develop, execute, and track public relations programs in coordination with NCWGC.

8. Facilitate media relations

Draft and distribute press releases, prepare enticing pitches for the press, contact potential earned media sources, facilitate interviews, prepare brief talking points, maintain written records of both successful and unsuccessful approaches, and modify future outreach plans accordingly.

b) Determine the most effective approach for securing earned media and creating ongoing opportunities with the press.

c) At the direction of NCWGC and in conjunction with the strategic marketing plan, analyze and recommend specific marketing mediums (both paid and unpaid); placed upon the approval of NCWGC.

d) Monitor placement to ensure accuracy and completion of all paid and unpaid media schedules.

e) Prepare enticing pitches for the press.

i) Maintain written records of both successful and unsuccessful attempts and modify future outreach plans accordingly.

f) Facilitate interviews and introductions.

g) Prepare brief talking points.

h) Draft and distribute press releases.

9. Provide guidance and support

Monitor all internal and external aspects of the campaign marketing plan and provide ongoing guidance to maximize success.

Monitor all intellectual property rights and issues.

a) Work closely with the NCWGC and any other agencies and firms contracted by NCWGC and align advertising and other communications strategies developed on projects and assist with occasional events.

b) Provide ongoing guidance within areas of competencies as situations and opportunities arise.

c) Carefully edit language used in every aspect of the campaign and work to maintain brand identity.

Handle all intellectual property issues arising out of the work to be performed under or in connection with the contract(s). This shall include securing permission to use copyrighted or trademarked material or other protected visuals, words, names, music, or

sounds that will be included in the promotional materials. This also includes researching and registering any necessary copyright or trademark for materials developed under the contract(s). All intellectual property rights shall be vested in the State of North Carolina.

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