Businesses Evolve into Social Businesses [Infographic]

Fedex bus

FedEx and Ketchum conducted jointly their 2012 FedEx/Ketchum Social Media Benchmarking Study, finding that many businesses that had a social presence in the past became more involved, planning strategic engagement with their communities to support business goals and to foster brand affinity.

55 communications and marketing executives at companies in the U.S. and internationally, filled in quantitative surveys as part of the research. The study was complete with detailed qualitative interviews conducted with 30 communications and social media thought leaders.

FedEx Social Business Infographic

The 2012 FedEx/Ketchum Social Media Benchmarking Study expands upon research findings first released in 2010.

Study findings suggest that business executives believe they have a strong framework in place for supporting the needs of customers and the general public online, and they are most effectively using social media to enhance brand reputation and awareness, provide customer service and strengthen relationships across key stakeholders. Also, ompanies believe they are particularly effective at strengthening relationships among customers (51 percent), the general public (52 percent) and partners and suppliers (40 percent). With effective strategies in place for these stakeholders, companies are turning their attention to improved engagement with employees, via both external social tools and improved social functionality of internal platforms such as company intranets.

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