How to Succeed With Public Relations

There is no magic button to touch which allows instant success by utilizing Public Relations. Some concrete and catchy public relations tricks your brand can utilize to succeed with PR.

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  • Your story is your ticket – it will get you into people’s hearts and minds; a great story can motivate make a person go from passive to participant. Invest in media training; rehearse and prepare.
  • Make sure all messages are aligned with your brand.Never underestimate the personal PR power of happiness.
  • PR’s biggest advantage over marketing and advertising is the seemingly independent third-party recognition and endorsement it provides—an incredible asset in a very crowded, confused world.
  • A company that knows itself, what it can and can’t do, can capitalize on its strengths and see competitive advantages where others might see weaknesses.
  • Recognizing problems and then solving them offers fantastic opportunities for very powerful PR campaigns, as does taking advantages of your competitions’ weaknesses.
  • Be “widely selective” — Engage people on multiple platforms in unique ways without overdoing it.
  • Stay relevant: Don’t post content just for the sake of posting content, otherwise people begin to ignore it or delete it.
  • Don’t squander existing equity. Logos and other design features, along with mottos, tag lines, and mission statements are your stock and have value.

And, I define great public relations as:

  • Helping to make the impersonal personal.
  • Bridging divides.
  • Creating excitement and builds equity for businesses, personalities, politicians, and others.
  • Managing crises and catastrophes.
  • and, Telling stories, having conversations, and making impressions.

About Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian is the Founder and CEO of 5W Public Relations. He is an experienced leader in the public relations industry with over 20 years of experience. Ronn Torossian has been named as Public Relations executive of the year by the American Business Awards, and has run countless award-winning Public Relations programs.