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John Mayer Demonstrates Personal PR Tactics

The media overload can be too much, even for celebrities. Singer and musician John Mayer apologized in a very public and long-winded manner during a performance, offering a tearful regret for things he said...


Bollywood’s Katrina Kaif Says No Kiss Kiss

Katrina Kaif takes a stand on her career and her beliefs. Bollywood’s most famous actress has reportedly told producers and directors she will no long do scenes in which she had to kiss her costars, or wear bikinis and other revealing costume. She also made a statement about her belief in herself and the keys to success.

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Buddy Holly Remembered on the Day the Music Died

It’s February 3, the day the music died. I wasn’t around during the days of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson, but I do know of their songs. I’ve seen...

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National Lady Gaga Day – Fans Gather on Facebook

In case you have not noticed, Today is Lady Gaga Day. At least on Facebook, Twitter and Google that is. The announcement that Lady Gaga’s, “little monsters” as she calls her fans, had created a special day for her has gone viral over the Internet now. Expect Lady Gaga look alike contests and Lady Gaga Karaoke on your weekend excursions.


Mariah Carey Acceptance Speech Puzzles Press

The fine people of the press were left in confusion after witnessing Mariah Carey’s 7-minute acceptance speech during Tuesday night’s Palm Springs International Film Festival in California.

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Music PR: U2’s Bono and Self Aggrandizement

U2 lead singer Bono thinks downloading U2 music illegally is as bad as online child pornography. In an article for the New York Times Bono compares illegal downloads to the evils of child porn suggesting federal authorities track down U2 revenue as diligently as arresting child pornographers. What a guy! If his artistic passion were expressed so eloquently, it is doubtful anyone would download a song of his.

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Jennifer Lopez’s Public Relations Goof

Jennifer Lopez’s PR people pulled out all the stops to hype here New Year’s Eve performance, but over what? Jennifer’s supposed “new fanny” is the talk of the town now, but is this just hapless hype? Video of the event reveals a J-Lo with virtually no derriere at all where once a shapely figure existed. The bad news for Lopez is that someone convinced her she needed such publicity.