Big League Bad PR For Kaye Scholer With Partner Arrest

2015-12-18 by EPR Staff
Big League Bad PR

Today's newspapers and TV reports are filled with the news that the infamous Martin Shkreli was arrested on fraud charges connected with taking money out of stock for the biotech company Retrophin Inc. to pay off unrelated debts. Shkreli - who has been under constant media scrutiny for price-gouging consumers on pharmaceutical products - wasn't arrested alone. In an unusual course of events, his lawyer Evan Greebel, corporate partner for one of the largest law firms in the world, Kaye Scholer was arrested as well.  Talk about bad PR for one of the largest law firms in the world? Wow - thats BAD for... Read More >

Best Peru PR Agencies

2015-12-15 by EPR Staff
Peru City

Peru is an amazing country with vast differences in elevations, climates, and scenery. It is no wonder some great PR work is done there for businesses as well as organizations, tourism and government. Here are a few of the firms working PR magic in the land of Machu Picchu. Newlink Peru According to Newlink, “Newlink sees velocity, transparency, participation and social awareness as the four fundamental elements to living in today´s world. This vision is reflected in every one of our solutions that successfully connect our clients to their objectives.” They work with corporations, governments, communities, multinational businesses, and public... Read More >

Top PR Agencies in South Africa

2015-12-15 by EPR Staff
South Africa PR Firms

With the internet as a driving force for companies to become global, public relations is becoming more important than ever. South Africa is no exception. Here’s a look at some of the top public relations agencies in South Africa. Media Services International Located in Linden and Johannesburg, Media Services International is a small public relations agency with big goals and an impressive ambition. Established in 1995, this company is staffed entirely by journalists with many years of experience. Their primary goal is to get their clients published in print media and aired on the radio and television. Another great attribute... Read More >

Hong Kong Best PR Firm

2015-12-14 by EPR Staff
Hongkong PR

Investments in the Asian market continues to drive the global economy, and Hong Kong stands as a hotspot for businesses. Whether a company wants to invest in the Asian Market or work with local Hong Kong businesses, PR firms provide the necessary support for growth. Here are four of the top firms in Hong Kong: Fleishman-Hillard Hong Kong Fleishman-Hillard in Hong Kong uses mutual respect, integrity, teamwork and “client comes first” service to meet clients’ needs. The firm combines knowledge of the Hong Kong, Greater China and regional markets, with years of multidiscipline communications expertise across many industries. This makes Fleishman-Hillard... Read More >

PR’s Role In Shaping Effective Messages

2015-12-11 by EPR Staff
Effective Messages

When building a house, one hires a contractor, not a doctor. The same principle applies to businesses with the goal of becoming successful. Smart businesses hire professionals with the right expertise to promote their companies. They want someone with experience and a proven track record of getting results - someone in the field of public relations. Florida Polytechnic University knew the importance of public relations when it hired Tucker/Hall, a PR firm in Tampa, Florida. The school struck a deal with the agency in April of 2013, a reported 16 months before they opened. This shows a proactive approach on... Read More >

Top Singapore PR Agencies

2015-12-10 by EPR Staff
singapore public relations

Check out the Everything PR News selection of some of the best PR firms in Singapore. Hill + Knowlton Strategies Singapore Managed in Singapore by Michelle Tham, Hill + Knowlton Strategies owns offices around the globe. Hill + Knowlton opened the Singapore office over 50 years ago and works with clients, such as Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Airshow, CA Technologies and the Tung Lok Group. Hill + Knowlton base their strategy on the concept of engagement. On the company website, H+K identify engagement with clients as the ultimate marketing metric, because it allows for listening to feedback and measurement... Read More >

Who are the 9 Leading Mexican Public Relations Firms?

2015-12-08 by EPR Staff
Mexico PR FIrms

Sharing a border makes Mexico the most accessible Latin American country to the United States. As the economy of the Latin American region continues to Mexico to grow. Check out the list below to see what nine PR companies stand out from the rest in Mexico. Zimat Consultores Zimat Consultores ranks as one of Mexico’s top communications consulting firms. The firm began its successful history in 1980 under the ownership of Bruno Newman. Newman still holds the position of co-director today. From the years 2001 to 2005, Zimat existed as part of the larger Interpublic Group, which is one of... Read More >

New Jersey Turnpike Issues RFP For New Website Vendor

2015-12-06 by EPR Staff
New Jersey Turnpike

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority seeks a series of new websites and has issued an RFP. Primary users for their sites are:   Patrons – These users visit site to gather information regarding current traffic conditions (either by posted messages or viewing cameras), construction events, lane closures and toll rates. Travelers – These users visit the site to gather information relative to their travel plans, such as tolls and construction updates, or to make inquiries/comments to the Authority. Potential Business Partners – The Authority contracts with multiple private firms for various projects and services. Potential partners visit the site for... Read More >

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Pet Project Seeks PR Help

2015-12-04 by EPR Staff

IDRC is a Canadian Crown Corporation established by an act of Parliament in 1970, which was created to help developing countries find solutions to their problems. It encourages, supports, and conducts research in the world’s developing regions, and seeks to apply new knowledge to the economic and social improvement of those regions. IDRC aims to reduce poverty, improve health, support innovation, and safeguard the environment in developing regions. IDRC has issued a request for proposal for a communications company to develop and manage a comprehensive communications and public relations strategy for the Livestock Vaccine Innovation Fund program and its constituent... Read More >

UBM in Final Stages of PRNewswire Sale

2015-12-04 by EPR Staff

In April of 2015, UBM first announced its intention to sell the press release distributor, PR Newswire. Following this, the British communications firm received several offers from different parties hoping to acquire the business. And this week, the company expects to make a final decision on the sale. What is PR Newswire? PR Newswire delivers news and press releases, as well as, marketing messages for several companies. Despite its English roots, the business caters primarily to North American clients. In fact, according to the NY Times, in 2014 PRNewswire got roughly 50% of its revenue from the U.S. market. This... Read More >

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