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Top 10 Ways to Influence People Online

2011-01-11 by EPR Staff
Influence People Online everything-pr

If you want to gain more traffic to your website, or even sell more products from your site, you need to learn how to influence people online. Millions of people shop over the Internet and while you can't please everyone, you can definitely persuade people to purchase the products you want them to buy. 1. Offer your users to submit reviews of the products you sell. When visitors come to your website, they will want to see other opinions and ratings about your products, so why not have it all in one place instead of them having to go search... Read More >

Real Time Social Media Monitoring with Position 2 Brand Monitor

2010-12-14 by EPR Staff
Vocus Social Media Monitoring

From all the social media monitoring platforms I've tested this year, Position 2's Brand Monitor has huge potential. It indexes, in real-time, all online relevant sources: blogs, forums, social media, social video, twitter and much more. A powerful spam-filter algorithm ensures that you only get relevant results in your dashboard. According to Brand Monitor, this algorithm learns from your actions and it is auto-correcting and bettering itself. If this sounds exciting, things get even better once you start using the service. Like any other social media monitoring platform, this can only work if your brand has good presence online -... Read More >

HubSpot VP of Marketing: Social Media is BS!

2010-11-04 by EPR Staff

Mike Volpe, HubSpot's VP of marketing, is not afraid to say it as he sees it. Not only that, but he is also taking time to give you the gist free of charge, in a live webinar. The premise of the webinar is simple: the marketing power of social media is exaggerated. Agree, or disagree, you always have to put things within the proper contest. Mr. Volpe is aware that social media is a powerful tool, but it is still just one of the many gears that you need to make up your marketing machine. But calling it BS? A brilliant... Read More >

Workspace Was Never Easier Than With Loosecubes

2010-10-21 by EPR Staff
Loosecubes workspace innovator

My first beta test out of the gate in some time, I got lucky and ran across the superb Cargoh startup last week. Then earlier today, I smacked into another innovation many people will simply love. Loosecubes is a beta that turns real world workspaces into digital community. Well, that could be vice versa in the end. What Cargoh had by way of refined utility and beauty, Loosecubes directs at crowd-sourcing office space. Loosecubes is a simple utility really. A minimalist design is what was needed to consolidate what amounts to a fantastic idea - helping people be mobile and... Read More >

The Marketing Potential of User-generated Video Content

2010-10-13 by EPR Staff
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Many marketers are still skeptical in approaching consumers to produce video content, but a recent study by comScore found that user-generated video reviews exhibit elements of sales effectiveness usually found in professionally produced TV Ads. The same study found that the effectiveness of these reviews was greater than that of banner advertisements. "The results of our research suggest that user-created video is a format that not only yields promising persuasive executions, but does so in a way that complements traditional forms of media," said Frank Findley, Vice President of comScore ARS. The study confirms what many visionary PR and social... Read More >

Daily Kibble Hires Whitegate PR for the Holiday Season

2010-10-11 by EPR Staff
Daily Kibble everything-pr

Companies step up their PR efforts during this holiday season, an ideal occasion to boost sales and brand awareness. Daily Kibble joins the trend, hiring Whitegate PR (led by the former Miss Can - Diego)  to increase visibility and credibility within the pet community. Details of the campaign haven't been released, but given Whitegate's experience within the pet industry, the focused campaigns will certainly have the desired outcome. Daily Kibble is a newsletter focused on "the inside poop on the latest, greatest, hottest, and coolest everything...for pets." Whitegate will provide the company with opportunities for cross-promotion and branding with "pet-ential" partners.... Read More >

ProBlogger Turns 6 and Darren’s Advice Is As Sound As Ever

2010-09-22 by EPR Staff
ProBlogger everything-pr

In the digital world so much changes so fast, and then some things never change. Today one of the most influential institutions of what is called Web 2.0 just turned six years old. ProBlogger, the vision of Darren Rowse, is without a doubt the resource for all things blogging. We wanted to wish Darren, and his great team of collaborators, a super big congratulations and thanks. Where would social media or any of the rest of Web 2.0 be without people like Darren? All too often, and Darren would confer on this, we are so busy building our own little... Read More >

Socialkik Boosts Your Social Media Presence

2010-09-16 by EPR Staff
SocialKik everything-pr

Socialkik is one of those relatively controversial companies that sell Facebook fans, Twitter followers and YouTube views. The company was founded in 2009, and although it didn't get the attention of the mainstream media yet, it already has a few positive reviews from affiliate marketing experts like Ian Fernando and the successful Jonathan Volk. We were offered a few months ago 1000 Facebook users to "test" and review the service. At the time, our Facebook page had no other followers than a few personal friends in my private network - the page was virtually invisible, and only 2 weeks old.... Read More >

mBLAST Launches MediaSync, Free Media Tool Helping Marketers Reach Influencers

2010-09-01 by EPR Staff
m blast media sync

Atlanta-based mBLAST, Inc., provider of web marketing applications, has launched MediaSync, a free online tool that helps marketers and PR professionals identify, reach and engage key influencers in their field. MediaSync allows users to keep up to date with relevant editorial calendars, identify current and future media opportunities, and create targeted media lists which include key bloggers and journalists covering any particular field or area of interest. To identify the bloggers and journalists with the greatest influence on their audiences, MediaSync runs searches on the actual topics covered in their writings in the past year. The topic-based approach to media... Read More >

The 10 Biggest Trends in PR measurement and ROI

2010-08-23 by EPR Staff
Return on investment everything-pr

PR measurement and return on investment are two critical parts of any successful public relations campaign. PR Daily invites you on September 22 to The 10 biggest trends in PR measurement and ROI webinar to find out more about how to successfully integrate PR measurement into your communications plan to maximize your ROI. Measurement in public relations is not something that’s appended at the end of a campaign. It is integrated right from the planning process and successful measurement means blends into the overall campaign. Dr. David Rockland, Partner/CEO of Ketchum's research and change communications businesses, and Jennifer Fravel, a... Read More >

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